Founder: Luke Hodson (he / him)
Forbes and Campaign 30U30
Proud ADHD & Dyslexic Donny
Co-founder: James Benenson (he / him)
Urban Nerds Creator, FOUND Promoter
Proudly British, Jamaican, Jewish & Queer


NERDS Collective was founded by Luke Hodson In 2013 as a specialist agency that places brands at the frontline of street culture through hyper-nuanced consumer insights, cultural strategy, and creative content. In addition, the collective intended to spotlight and champion inner-city individuals and grassroots communities by finding ways brands can play a more meaningful role in their world. 

The foundation of the agency was URBAN NERDS, an iconic live music platform forged in London’s East End in 2007, to champion underground sounds and support emerging scenes through a series of industry-leading warehouse parties, club residencies and festivals that saw the brand break raw British talent to crowds of thousands across Europe. NERDS have been living and shaping youth culture since 07’, it's this experience that gives the company its authentic voice. 

Government spending on youth initiatives and services has been cut by 70% since 2010. We believe it is brands that have the resources and means to create a positive impact within the youth communities that need it most, especially as inner-city youth are driving the cultural equity and heat for most brands. 

Our mission is to help brands cultivate a purposeful connection with youth culture, focused on marginalised, unrepresented and under-resourced youth. 

Nerdy about youth culture since '07.


Frequently Asked

What is Youth Marketing?
Youth Marketing is a term used in the marketing and advertising industry to describe activities used to communicate with young people aged 11 to 35.
What is Culture Marketing?
What is Street Culture?
Street Culture is the beliefs, dispositions, ideologies, informal rules, practices, styles, symbols, and values associated with, adopted by and engaged in by individuals and organisations that spend a disproportionate amount of time on the streets of large urban centres. Street culture is often expressed through hip-hop, rap, and streetwear lifestyles.
Do you work globally?
Yes, NERDS is a global youth marketing agency specialising in all markets.
Do you only specialise in Gen-Z?
We specialise in youth marketing that spans 11-35.
What is a Youth Marketing Agency?
It is a specialist marketing agency that focuses its campaign strategy, and development on youth audience.
What Does A Youth Marketing Agency Do?
A youth marketing agency delivers brand campaigns centred on youth cultural strategies and executions. They are youth audience specialist marketing agencies.
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