We’re a specialist audience insights agency in London, UK made up of diverse backgrounds that help lead brands into new territories through nuanced audience insights and cultural strategy.



Industry-leading youth
consumer and street
culture specialists
A global network
Of 200 hyper-local
Cultural authorities
Big Data
A live data lake of
20,000 Gen-Z street
culture consumers
NERDS consistently breaks new ground by delivering exceptional audience insights through a harmonious blend of cultural intelligence. This unique approach offers brands a deep dive into cultural understanding, a tool that's indispensable in staying ahead in today's dynamic youth landscape.

Recognising the centrality of cultural relevance is pivotal. It's the bridge that fosters compelling consumer connections, tapping into unseen yet potent forces that sway consumer perceptions and enhance perceived value. Such cultural equity isn't just a beneficial asset—it's the backbone of lasting brand sustainability.

As a distinguished audience insights agency, our commitment is to unearth those refined cultural nuances that often go unnoticed. These insights map the intricacies of the consumer landscape, directing brands towards heightened consumer centricity and a profound cultural comprehension. This knowledge isn't just informative; it's the bedrock to bolster your brand equity, solidify your standing in the aspiration-driven market, and ensure your brand's resilience against future challenges.

Venturing into the research realm, we have a knack for tapping into diverse and elusive audiences. These are the groups that a myriad of brands find challenging to approach, comprehend, or form authentic bonds with. Our mission? To bridge this gap, to guide you in tuning into the rhythms of your consumers, their defining cultural moments, evolutionary shifts, and behavioural patterns.

The heartbeat of our research endeavour is our proprietary platform, Frontline.
Our research is co-authored with the communities at the centre of the movements your brand aims to align with.

We know consumers focus their spending on brands that share their cultural positioning and lifestyle associations.

We help our clients unlock the power of diverse and rich consumer insights and social understanding to craft unique and compelling cultural selling propositions. This begins with an informed and robust consumer understanding, this starts with us.

We are the preferred consumer research agency due to our industry-leading hybrid methodology research projects for the world’s foremost consumer brands. We partnered with brands such as Twitter, Puma, adidas, Nike, Levi’s and Budweiser to help position themselves at the centre of their strategic target consumer world.

Over ten years of getting Nerdy with research and insight has provided NERDS with a reputation as an industry disrupter and leading consumer research agency as we help brands unpack consumer mindsets, behaviours, practices, rituals, trends and ideologies.


The leading
consumer research


A global network
Of 200 Cultural

Big Data

A global data lake
of 20,000 diverse
and hard-to-
reach consumers

More than just a tool, it's the crucible where raw data undergoes a metamorphosis into actionable intelligence and refined cultural strategy. What sets our findings apart is the collaborative spirit they're borne from. They're co-crafted, hand in hand, with communities who are cultural trendsetters—the very communities your brand aspires to resonate with.

It's an established fact: modern audiences allocate their spending power towards products reflecting their cultural ideologies and lifestyle inclinations. This isn't just a trend; it's a testament to the evolving consumer psyche.

In this landscape, NERDS emerges as the beacon for brands. We empower brands to channel the might of in-depth audience insights and cultural sagacity, sculpting cultural selling propositions that aren't just effective but are transformative. This journey of alignment, of inching closer to your strategic target consumer, ignites with us, with NERDS.

Our reputation isn't just a byproduct of our services; it's a testament to our expertise. As the preferred audience insights agency for numerous brands, our pioneering mixed-methodology research projects have catered to the world's consumer brand giants. Collaborative ventures with industry stalwarts like adidas, Nike, Levi’s, and Budweiser are a testament to our prowess, spotlighting our capacity to navigate the heartbeats of diverse audience sectors.

Our tenure of over a decade, paired with an unwavering passion for all things 'Nerdy', has etched our name as the go-to audience insights agency. This legacy is underscored by our unparalleled knack for demystifying audience triggers, understanding intricate mindsets, gauging motivations, preferences, deep-seated ideologies, and the interlinked web of sub-cultures.


Our four-step methodology turns our research efforts into actionable insight and a culturally nuanced brand strategy that delivers significant cultural relevance and high ROI.


The challenge




Strategic Recommendations


Creative Solutions




    A global network of 200 hyper-local cultural authorities

    Real time cultural intel

    Trend forecasting

    Surfacing consumer-centric cultural relevance


    20,000+ international community

    16-25 year olds

    Street Culture Inspired Consumers

    Middle to lower socio-economic status

    They prioritise spending on branded goods

    Driving mass trends

    Fuelling the street culture phenomenon that’s dominating global youth culture


    A unique tech-platform for consumer research and consultation

    Housed on our own dynamic app

    Consumer profiling and segmentation

    Real-time interface

    Real-time insights


Product Testing & Comms Testing

Product and comms research is pivotal in today's dynamic market. Using a blend of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, we guarantee that future product collections and extensions are precisely tailored to resonate with your strategic target consumer’s aspirations and desires. As a renowned audience insights agency, our holistic approach ensures that every product or communication strikes the right chord, capturing the essence of what your consumers truly crave.

Cultural Immersions

Cultural immersions offer an unfiltered lens into your consumer's universe. By immersing your team in the habitats your consumers frequent, you get an invaluable, on-ground perspective. This experience delves deep into their thought patterns, convictions, and inclinations, showcasing pathways to foster deeper brand connections. In an age where authentic engagement is gold, our audience insights agency is your trusted partner to bridge the gap between brand intent and consumer reality.

Psychographic Profiling & Segmentation

Beyond just demographics, psychographic profiling unravels the intricate tapestry of a consumer's mindset, habits, and passions. These insights are then meticulously segmented for laser-focused analysis and strategy development. By understanding these nuanced layers, brands can curate experiences that are not just appealing but also profoundly personal.

Smartphone Ethnography

Ethnography brings the day-to-day consumer world into sharp focus. By observing how consumers navigate their daily routines, priorities, and brand interactions, we glean deep-rooted insights. Smartphone Ethnography revolutionises this process. By empowering respondents to chronicle and share moments from their daily life via smartphones, we harness raw, unfiltered glimpses into their world, thereby offering brands a goldmine of real-time insights.

Quantitative Research

Also termed as “quant”, Quantitative Research delves into the realm of numerical data. With its ability to provide objective outcomes based on vast respondent pools, its significance in the audience insights agency sector cannot be understated. This rigorous approach allows brands to draw broad conclusions, laying the groundwork for large-scale strategies.

Qualitative Research

Often referred to as “qual”, Qualitative Research offers a deeper dive, focusing on smaller respondent numbers but leveraging richer interview techniques. From in-depth interviews and ethnographic studies to focus groups, the insights garnered are emotionally charged and intensely detailed. When juxtaposed with quantitative data, qual emerges as a potent tool to enrich and give context to numbers, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive viewpoint.

Panels, Workshops & Focus Groups

At NERDS, we're not just about data; we're about creating meaningful dialogues. Our wide array of quant and qual methodologies, ranging from tailor-made brand panels to engrossing focus groups, ensures we capture the essence of consumer sentiment. By hosting inspiring client and consumer workshops, we foster collaboration, bringing brands and consumers onto a unified platform for transformative outcomes.


In 2013, Luke Hodson embarked on a visionary journey by founding NERDS Collective, an audience insights agency uniquely poised to redefine brand engagement. Our agency's mission was twofold: to harness hyper-nuanced consumer insights combined with cultural strategy and creative content, and to position brands at the vanguard of vibrant street cultures. But beyond our professional facade, the collective remains committed to magnifying inner-city individuals and grassroots communities. We're here to delineate avenues for brands to craft more significant narratives within these vibrant microcosms.

Our legacy stems from URBAN NERDS, a musical movement birthed in the pulsating heart of London’s East End in 2007. Our aim was to showcase underground sounds and amplify emerging artists. Through our trailblazing warehouse parties, club residencies, and festivals, we showcased raw British talent to European wide audiences. It's not just that NERDS has been a spectator to youth culture since '07 – we've been its pulse and catalyst. Our proximity to youth culture gives our audience insights agency an unrivalled and genuine resonance.

Since 2010, youth-focused government initiatives and services have faced a sharp 70% decline in funding. In this financial vacuum, we identify an opportunity: brands, enriched by the cultural equity of inner-city youth have the resources to make a positive impact with the communities that have driven their fame. With the expertise of our audience insights agency, we're here to guide brands in forging meaningful ties with these youth segments, especially the marginalised, unrepresented, and under-resourced ones.

Fuelled by passion for youth culture? We've been immersed, and nerdy about it since '07, thanks to our audience insights agency pedigree.


"Nerds are youth culture experts with a unique ability to identify hard-to-reach youth audiences and surface nuanced insight that has helped transform PUMA into a culture-first brand."
Paul Spencer
UKIB CEO at Puma
"Nerd's approach to work is loaded with data and expertise in youth culture, driven by their passion for unlocking opportunities that align with brand strategies and consumer needs. Nerds' can show a brand exactly who their consumers are, identify their needs and how your brand can play a purposeful role in their world, which also drives commercial success. For example, whilst at Pentland, we partnered up with Nerds on a consumer segmentation and connections strategy that led to the creation of several new Lacoste products, built with the consumer at the heart of the design, that delivered £ m's in revenue."
Dan MoneyPenny
Global Head Of Sales at Pentland
"Nerds are youth culture experts with a unique ability to identify hard-to-reach youth audiences and surface nuanced insight that has helped transform PUMA into a culture-first brand."
Nadia Kokni
CMO at JD Sports
"NERDS have an exceptional talent for providing authentic, descriptive and data-based insight into the culture and mindsets of the younger generation. Through Nerds, we broadened our view of youth and developed impactful and culturally relevant derivations for our strategies and communication. Nerds' knowledge and expertise were a real enrichment in our work, and it was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you."
Marlen Ring
Western Europe Marketing Director at Coca-Cola


Nerds is a global youth culture specialist and an audience insights agency that has dedicated over ten years to decoding cultural landscapes. Our key focus? Pinpointing where and how brands can carve out a meaningful and purposeful niche within this vibrant arena. Nerds' exceptional prowess in executing hyper-nuanced global research projects has made us the agency of choice for iconic brands like Nike, adidas, and Puma. These industry giants sought the expertise of the youth and culture Nerds to deepen their understanding and foster authentic connections with the global street culture youth consumer.

Our proprietary research platform, Frontline, zeroes in exclusively on the global street culture youth consumer. Pair this with Nerds' unrivalled cultural expertise and our culture-first methodology, and it's clear why we stand out as an audience insights agency. We're not just equipped; we're primed to be your ideal partner for this research project.

Frequently Asked 

What is a Consumer Insights Agency?

An audience insights agency is a specialist agency that delivers consumer-focused research projects and insights.

What is the difference between Data and Insights?

Insight is a strategic layer gained by analysing data to understand and decode certain audience behaviour or phenomena.

Do you only focus on Youth Audiences?

No, our audience specialism spans 16-35 year-olds.

Do you do Mixed Methodology Research Studies?

Yes, Nerds deliver a hybrid approach incorporating both quant and qual techniques.

Do you work Globally?

Yes, NERDS have the capabilities and vast experience working on global audience insights projects.

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