We’re a diverse and specialist brand strategy agency in London, UK that guides brands through uncharted territories fueled by deep cultural intelligence and compelling brand narratives.




Industry-leading youth
consumer and street
culture specialists
A global network
Of 200 hyper-local
Cultural authorities
Big Data
A live data lake of
20,000 Gen-Z street
culture consumers

NERDS is an innovative brand strategy agency that places culture and brand authenticity at the core of everything we do. We craft unique, consumer-focused strategies that secure a distinctive space for your brand within culture, generating substantial commercial value.

Today's consumers seek more than just mainstream cultural narratives. They align with niche cultural identities that reflect their unique beliefs and brand preferences. We, at NERDS, construct brand strategies that elevate your brand's place within the aspiration economy, transforming your brand into an emblem of identity for your target consumer.

As a leading brand strategy agency, we infuse your brand with cultural cachet, crafting innovative brand narratives that positively shape brand perception and desire within the communities you seek to align with.

Our brand-building process incorporates various creative expressions, enabling your brand to be appropriated across a wide range of audience identity groups.

Through our services, we help brands navigate the rapidly evolving consumer-driven landscape, pinpointing opportunities to establish meaningful connections with influential consumer communities. Cultural relevance and brand resonance are the pivotal focus of our strategic work. To stand out in a crowded market, brands must carve out a compelling brand proposition, transcending competitive price points, product functionality, and emotional benefits.

We transform brands into cultural icons. Why? Because brands with iconic cultural status within the aspiration economy can charge up to 40% more for the same product.

Our research is co-authored with the communities at the centre of the movements your brand aims to align with.

We know consumers focus their spending on brands that share their cultural positioning and lifestyle associations.

We help our clients unlock the power of diverse and rich consumer insights and social understanding to craft unique and compelling cultural selling propositions. This begins with an informed and robust consumer understanding, this starts with us.

We are the preferred consumer research agency due to our industry-leading hybrid methodology research projects for the world’s foremost consumer brands. We partnered with brands such as Twitter, Puma, adidas, Nike, Levi’s and Budweiser to help position themselves at the centre of their strategic target consumer world.

Over ten years of getting Nerdy with research and insight has provided NERDS with a reputation as an industry disrupter and leading consumer research agency as we help brands unpack consumer mindsets, behaviours, practices, rituals, trends and ideologies.
The leading Brand
Strategy Agency


A global network of
cultural insiders,
research and
strategic consultants
Big Data
A global database
of 20,000
hard-to-reach and
diverse consumers

Consumers prioritise spending on brands that convey a strong cultural ideology through powerful creativity. Our work speaks directly to the identity aspirations of your target consumer, allowing them to express their individuality and align their identity with your brand.

Our brand strategies transform brands into identity badges that signal an aspirational lifestyle closely tied to the brand's DNA.

NERDS Collective assists your brand in achieving market leadership through consumer-centric, culturally-embedded brand strategies. What sets NERDS apart as the leading brand strategy agency is our ability to design strategic frameworks that facilitate purposeful, brand-rooted creative campaigns to deliver long-term brand sustainability and cultural currency.

As a trusted brand strategy agency in London, UK we provide future-focused creative direction garnered from hard-to-reach and influential audiences, translated into credible and compelling brand platforms.

Our strategic work is co-authored with the communities that shape the culture your brand aims to align with.

Our strategic and creative teams are specially curated from our expert network according to your brand's unique challenges. We don't pitch. Instead, we collaborate with like-minded companies that share our passion for creative change and positive social impact.

We've built brand platforms and campaigns for industry giants like Nike, adidas, Budweiser, The North Face, Chivas Regal, and Levi’s. Our work focuses on creating influential brand identities that help brands stand out from their competitors by instilling cultural equity within their target audiences.

At NERDS, we firmly believe brands have the resources to create a positive impact at the frontline of creative culture. We aim to help brands cultivate and deliver on our mission and build a purposeful connection with culture.


NERDS methodology transforms our research data into culture-first brand strategy frameworks that deliver consumer-centricity
and high commercial value.


The challenge




Strategic Recommendations


Creative Solutions



NERDS is a dynamic brand strategy agency headquartered in London with a global footprint. We meld industry-leading insights with forward-thinking brand ideation.




    A global network of 200 hyper-local cultural authorities

    Real time cultural intel

    Trend forecasting

    Surfacing consumer-centric cultural relevance


    20,000+ international community

    16-25 year olds

    Street Culture Inspired Consumers

    Middle to lower socio-economic status

    They prioritise spending on branded goods

    Driving mass trends

    Fuelling the street culture phenomenon that’s dominating global youth culture


    A unique tech-platform for consumer research and consultation

    Housed on our own dynamic app

    Consumer profiling and segmentation

    Real-time interface

    Real-time insights


NERDS isn't just an agency; it's a global brand strategy agency pioneer with a deep-rooted expertise in street culture. For over a decade, we have been intricately decoding the dynamic cultural landscapes, pinpointing authentic spaces where brands can etch meaningful and enduring connections. Our unique approach to brand strategy elevates us, making us the preferred brand strategy agency for many, as we discern not only the 'where' but also the 'how' of impactful brand positioning in a rapidly evolving cultural milieu.

Our track record speaks volumes. Recognised brands like Nike, Levi’s, Ciroc and Puma have all sought the unparalleled insights of the brand strategy agency that is NERDS. They've tapped into our cultural expertise, aiming to resonate more deeply with the global street culture youth consumer—a demographic that's diverse, discerning, and rapidly redefining the future of brand interactions.

Central to our brand strategy agency's success is Frontline, our proprietary research platform. It's not just another research tool; it's a cultural magnifying glass, fine-tuned exclusively to the behaviours, beliefs, and aspirations of the global street culture youth consumer. But it's not solely about data. Our commitment to a culture-first approach drives us to ask better questions, to listen intently, and to build strategies anchored in genuine connections.

Choosing NERDS means opting for a brand strategy agency that doesn't just understand the youth's culture— we are part of it, we evolve with it, and we help brands like yours become an indelible part of their narratives.

In the intricate dance of brand positioning, having a brand strategy agency that truly 'gets it' is invaluable. With NERDS, you're not just getting insights; you're gaining a strategic partner ready to navigate the vibrant streets of global youth culture alongside you.


"Nerds are youth culture experts with a unique ability to identify hard-to-reach youth audiences and surface nuanced insight that has helped transform PUMA into a culture-first brand."
Paul Spencer
UKIB CEO at Puma
"Nerd's approach to work is loaded with data and expertise in youth culture, driven by their passion for unlocking opportunities that align with brand strategies and consumer needs. Nerds' can show a brand exactly who their consumers are, identify their needs and how your brand can play a purposeful role in their world, which also drives commercial success. For example, whilst at Pentland, we partnered up with Nerds on a consumer segmentation and connections strategy that led to the creation of several new Lacoste products, built with the consumer at the heart of the design, that delivered £ m's in revenue."
Dan MoneyPenny
Global Head Of Sales at Pentland
"Nerds are youth culture experts with a unique ability to identify hard-to-reach youth audiences and surface nuanced insight that has helped transform PUMA into a culture-first brand."
Nadia Kokni
CMO at JD Sports
"NERDS have an exceptional talent for providing authentic, descriptive and data-based insight into the culture and mindsets of the younger generation. Through ​Nerds, ​we broadened our view of youth and developed​ impactful and culturally relevant derivations for our strategies and communication. Nerds' knowledge and expertise ​were a real enrichment in our work, and it was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you."
Marlen Ring
Western Europe Marketing Director at Coca-Cola


In 2013, Luke Hodson saw an unfulfilled niche in the market and founded NERDS Collective, paving the way for a new era of brand strategy agency that not only comprehends but lives and breathes youth culture. Our brand strategy agency was conceived with a singular vision: positioning brands at the frontline of street culture through granular consumer insights, nuanced cultural strategies, and compelling creative content. Beyond mere branding, NERDS Collective aspired to uplift and spotlight the underserved of the inner city—individuals and grassroots communities. We aimed to bridge the gap between brands and these communities, ensuring that brands play an impactful and purposeful role in their ever-evolving enviorments.

Our legacy traces back to URBAN NERDS, a leading underground live music platform born in the heart of London’s East End in 2007. With the mission to elevate underground sounds and support burgeoning music scenes, URBAN NERDS rapidly became synonymous with breakthrough warehouse parties, club residencies, and festivals. As a brand strategy agency that celebrates and amplifies raw British talent, our events have echoed to the beats of emerging artists, captivating thousands across Europe. Since '07, NERDS has been more than just a spectator; we've been architects of youth culture, and it's this firsthand experience that grants our brand strategy agency its authentic voice and unmatched credibility.

The past decade has witnessed a concerning 70% decrease in governmental youth initiatives and services. In this landscape, we recognise that brands possess both the resources and the responsibility to step up and effect positive change, especially when inner-city youth are the primary cultural catalysts for many brands.

Our unwavering mission as a brand strategy agency is to aid brands in forging genuine connections with youth culture, especially focusing on those marginalised, underrepresented, and resource-scarce segments.

Proudly nerdy about youth culture since '07, NERDS Collective remains at the forefront as the brand strategy agency with a pulse on the streets.

Frequently Asked 

What Does A Brand Strategy Agency Do?

A brand strategy agency guides businesses in defining their brand identity, values, positioning, and messaging. The agency creates a comprehensive plan that aligns business goals with consumer needs, differentiates the brand from competitors, and builds a strong connection with the target audience.

What is Brand Strategy?

Brand strategy is crucial because it provides clarity and direction for all branding and marketing efforts. It ensures that all elements of a brand, from its logo and tagline to its messaging and customer experience, are consistent and aligned with the brand's purpose and values. A well-executed brand strategy can help a company differentiate itself from competitors, resonate with its target audience, and drive business growth.

Why is Brand Strategy Important?

Brand strategy is crucial because it provides clarity and direction for all branding and marketing efforts. It ensures that all brand elements, from its logo and tagline to its messaging and customer experience, are consistent and aligned with its purpose and values. A well-executed brand strategy can help a company differentiate itself from competitors, resonate with its target audience, and drive business growth.

How Can a Brand Strategy Agency Benefit My Business?

A brand strategy agency brings expertise and an outside perspective to the development of your brand strategy. The agency can conduct market research to understand your audience and competitive landscape, help articulate your brand's unique value proposition, and develop a strategic plan for conveying your brand identity across all touchpoints. This can lead to increased brand recognition, customer loyalty, and business success.

Do You Only Focus on Large Corporations?

No, we work with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to multinational corporations. Our goal is to help each client develop a powerful brand strategy that resonates with its target audience and supports its business objectives.

Do You Work Globally?

Yes, we operate on a global scale. Our headquarters are located in London, but we work with businesses worldwide through our global network of experienced consultants and industry-leading researchers.

What Industries Do You Serve?

We serve a wide range of industries. Our approach to brand strategy is adaptable to any sector, and our team has experience working with businesses in fields such as retail, technology, healthcare, finance, and more.

How Do You Charge for Your Services?

Our pricing varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide a customised quote.

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