We are NERDS, a dedicated market research agency composed of diverse research NERDS. Our mission is to navigate brands into uncharted territories via in-depth consumer research and insightful cultural understanding.




Industry-leading youth
consumer and street
culture specialists
A global network
Of 200 hyper-local
Cultural authorities
Big Data
A live data lake of
20,000 Gen-Z street
culture consumers

In the ever-evolving world of brand engagement, understanding the heartbeat of cultural trends is paramount. As a leading market research agency, our primary strength lies in delivering advanced cultural intelligence, shedding light on these shifting patterns and revealing insights that grant brands an authentic comprehension of such transitions. This knowledge doesn't just keep brands relevant—it ensures they remain pioneers in an ever-shifting consumer landscape.

The foundation of impactful audience engagement isn't built solely on impressive marketing strategies or wide-reaching campaigns. At its core, it thrives on cultural resonance. This resonance is not merely about identifying with the audience but genuinely connecting through the intricate social threads that intricately weave brand perception and value. For brands aiming for more than transient attention, investing in this cultural currency is indispensable. It isn't just about catching the consumer's eye—it's about securing a place in their hearts, ensuring both loyalty and a lasting brand legacy.

Elevating ourselves as a distinguished market research agency, NERDS Collective brings to the table refined cultural intelligence, an unparalleled asset in today's market. Our expertise as a top-tier market research agency provides clarity in navigating the vast, complex audience ecosystems, pinpointing opportunities where brands can intertwine their narratives with culturally significant touchpoints. In the expansive sea of brands, how do you ensure yours stands out? It's through authentic appeal, cementing your stature in the aspiration economy, and guaranteeing longevity in an unpredictable market.

Our research is co-authored with the communities at the centre of the movements your brand aims to align with.

We know consumers focus their spending on brands that share their cultural positioning and lifestyle associations.

We help our clients unlock the power of diverse and rich consumer insights and social understanding to craft unique and compelling cultural selling propositions. This begins with an informed and robust consumer understanding, this starts with us.

We are the preferred consumer research agency due to our industry-leading hybrid methodology research projects for the world’s foremost consumer brands. We partnered with brands such as Twitter, Puma, adidas, Nike, Levi’s and Budweiser to help position themselves at the centre of their strategic target consumer world.

Over ten years of getting Nerdy with research and insight has provided NERDS with a reputation as an industry disrupter and leading consumer research agency as we help brands unpack consumer mindsets, behaviours, practices, rituals, trends and ideologies.

Pioneers in
audience research
A worldwide
network of 200
cultural mavens
Big Data
A global database
of 20,000
hard-to-reach and
diverse consumers

Where most stumble is the inabiltiuy to engage hard-to-reach and elusive consumer segments—the groups whose loyalty could redefine brand trajectories. With our robust methodologies, we not only understand but genuinely resonate with these segments, establishing emotional connections.

The backbone of our renowned approach is our proprietary research portal, Frontline. Here, data isn't just gathered—it's cultivated with precision, filtered for relevance, and distilled into actionable insights and groundbreaking cultural connections. But research isn't a solitary pursuit for us. Collaborating closely with the very communities driving today's cultural shifts ensures our data is genuine, relevant, and impactful.

In today's market, the equation is simple: consumers lean heavily towards brands mirroring their cultural ideologies and lifestyle parallels.

Recognising this, we equip our clients with tools, insights, and strategies that don't just reflect but influence cultural postures.

Our legacy of over a decade in dedicated research has crafted an enviable reputation for NERDS Collective. As industry pioneers and the go-to market research agency, we've partnered with the best. From global giants like Twitter, Puma, adidas, and Nike to iconic brands like Levi’s and Budweiser, our collaborations resonate with brand aspirations, ensuring they not just exist but dominate their consumer spheres.

Brands seeking to unravel the intricacies of consumer mindsets, rituals, trends, and beliefs needn't look further. NERDS Collective offers the compass to navigate these terrains, cementing its position as a game-changer in the market research agency landscape.


Our four-tier methodology transforms our research findings into straightforward, actionable strategic insights and connection principles. These deliver potent cultural relevance and substantial commercial value.


The challenge




Strategic Recommendations


Creative Solutions


Our research zeroes in on your consumer blind spots. NERDS' proprietary research portal, FRONTLINE, empowers brands with insights into elusive audiences that are the trendsetters in global culture and mass consumer behaviour.




    A global network of 200 hyper-local cultural authorities

    Real time cultural intel

    Trend forecasting

    Surfacing consumer-centric cultural relevance


    20,000+ international community

    16-25 year olds

    Street Culture Inspired Consumers

    Middle to lower socio-economic status

    They prioritise spending on branded goods

    Driving mass trends

    Fuelling the street culture phenomenon that’s dominating global youth culture


    A unique tech-platform for consumer research and consultation

    Housed on our own dynamic app

    Consumer profiling and segmentation

    Real-time interface

    Real-time insights


Established in 2013 by Luke Hodson, NERDS Collective stands out as a leading market research agency with a special inclination towards youth culture and insights. Emerging from a deep-rooted passion for street culture, our agency synthesises cutting-edge research methodologies with intimate knowledge of the ever-changing youth landscape. Originating from the success of URBAN NERDS – a groundbreaking underground music movement founded in London's vibrant East End in 2007 – our heritage is built on highlighting burgeoning talent and fostering emerging communities.

For over a decade, NERDS Collective has been immersed in youth culture. But it's not just about giving brands a voice. As a responsible market research agency, we're committed to illuminating and uplifting the voices of inner-city youths and grassroots communities. Especially in times when public funding for youth initiatives is dwindling, we believe in the power of research-backed insights to champion the importance of supporting and understanding these dynamic communities.


"Nerds are youth culture experts with a unique ability to identify hard-to-reach youth audiences and surface nuanced insight that has helped transform PUMA into a culture-first brand."
Paul Spencer
UKIB CEO at Puma
"Nerd's approach to work is loaded with data and expertise in youth culture, driven by their passion for unlocking opportunities that align with brand strategies and consumer needs. Nerds' can show a brand exactly who their consumers are, identify their needs and how your brand can play a purposeful role in their world, which also drives commercial success. For example, whilst at Pentland, we partnered up with Nerds on a consumer segmentation and connections strategy that led to the creation of several new Lacoste products, built with the consumer at the heart of the design, that delivered £ m's in revenue."
Dan MoneyPenny
Global Head Of Sales at Pentland
"Nerds are youth culture experts with a unique ability to identify hard-to-reach youth audiences and surface nuanced insight that has helped transform PUMA into a culture-first brand."
Nadia Kokni
CMO at JD Sports
"NERDS have an exceptional talent for providing authentic, descriptive and data-based insight into the culture and mindsets of the younger generation. Through Nerds, we broadened our view of youth and developed impactful and culturally relevant derivations for our strategies and communication. Nerds' knowledge and expertise were a real enrichment in our work, and it was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you."
Marlen Ring
Western Europe Marketing Director at Coca-Cola


Research is more than numbers and data; it's about deep understanding and connection. As a top-tier market research agency, NERDS Collective has honed its expertise in delving into the intricacies of youth culture, ensuring brands not only resonate but become intrinsic to their narratives.

Our bespoke research platform, Frontline, is dedicated to understanding the global street culture and youth consumer. When you think of a market research agency that seamlessly merges cultural understanding with actionable insights, think NERDS. Our unique position in the market allows us to tap into niche communities, offering brands the chance to understand and communicate with them authentically.

In a world where the youth demographic is pivoting towards niche communities and moving away from mainstream culture, it's crucial for brands to adapt. And adaptation requires deep, authentic insights. At NERDS, we're more than just a market research agency; we're partners in your journey to connect meaningfully with today's youth.

Frequently Asked 

What is a Market Research Agency?

A market research agency is a professional entity that conducts detailed studies and analyses in various fields, delivering strategic insights and actionable results based on collected data. These agencies may specialise in a range of areas such as consumer behaviour, market trends, cultural shifts, etc., providing clients with a deeper understanding of their audience or market.

What services does a Market Research Agency provide?

A research agency provides a variety of services based on the clients' needs. These services may include consumer research, market research, competitive analysis, trend analysis, brand perception studies, product testing, and more. Their approach often involves both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

How can a Market Research Agency benefit my business?

A market research agency can provide invaluable insight into your industry, target audience, competitors, and emerging trends. This detailed understanding allows you to make informed strategic decisions, improve your products or services, identify new opportunities, and better meet the needs and wants of your consumers.

What is the difference between a Market Research Agency and a Research Agency?

While both provide valuable insights, a market research agency typically focuses on understanding the market's dynamics, including competition, customer behaviour, and trends in a specific industry. In contrast, a research agency may offer a broader range of services beyond market-specific analysis, including cultural intelligence, social research, and more.

How does a Market Research Agency gather data?

Research agencies employ various methods to gather data, including online surveys, face-to-face interviews, focus groups, observational studies, data mining, and more. The choice of method often depends on the nature of the research question and the intended use of the data.

What industries do Market Research Agencies work with?

Research agencies typically work across a wide variety of industries. From retail and consumer goods to tech, healthcare, entertainment, and more, these agencies are equipped to provide insights that help businesses understand their audience, the market landscape, and emerging trends regardless of the industry.

How does a Market Research Agency ensure the accuracy of its findings?

Research agencies ensure accuracy by employing rigorous methodologies, using validated instruments for data collection, and following ethical standards for research. They also typically use statistical methods to analyse their data and provide an objective interpretation of the results.

How can I use the data provided by a Market Research Agency?

The data provided by a market research agency can be used in many ways. You can use it to better understand your target audience, identify new market opportunities, improve your products or services, develop marketing strategies, inform business decisions, and more. The key is to translate the insights into actionable strategies for your business.

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