🚨 Live Now: Back2Skool ft. Rap Music & Cultural Academic - Dr. Joy White👇

We're gassed to announce that we are live with another insightful episode of Back2Skool. Today, we are honored to have Dr. Joy White, a critically acclaimed author and a beacon in the field of rap music studies and cultural academia.
Dr. White has carved a niche for herself by being at the forefront of studies that delve deep into the socio-economic implications of the UK's rap music economy, especially focusing on the Grime music scene.

In this live conversation, we are exploring:
💡 The intricate narratives of young black lives in the inner city, shedding light on their experiences and journeys.
🌆 The substantial role brands can play in uplifting and supporting underprivileged communities, fostering growth and positivity.
🎶 Insights into the vibrant landscape of inner-city black enterprise culture, unveiling stories of innovation and resilience.

If you are keen on diving deep into the nuances of rap culture, youth culture, and understanding the potential avenues of positive change through brand involvement, this episode is a must-listen. Join us now to engage in a powerful dialogue with Dr. Joy White, a leading voice in rap music and cultural studies! 🚀

🚨 Live Now: Back2Skool ft. Rap Music & Cultural Academic - Dr. Joy White👇

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