Project Breakdown


Levi’s came to NERDS with the ambition of reigniting relevance amongst Gen-Z for the denim icon that is the 501®
NERDS identified that a creatively driven, mainstream-rejecting youth consumer has a higher propensity to buy into Levi’s brand, product and specifically 501®, but the predominantly street culture-inspired, mainstream youth consumer currently prioritises non-branded, fast fashion, low priced and trend-focused alternatives. This was due, in part, to Levi’s having broad awareness but lacking aspirational status.
NERDS devised a cultural positioning and engagement strategy to iconise the 501®, from the grassroots up, via a spectrum of authentic cultural and stylistic expressions that each individually and collectively drive influence on the high street. NERDS collaborated with pan-European talent to celebrate how the values and status of the iconic 501® complement their signature style and story through a content series featuring video and stills. The campaign content was distributed via local specialist media partners, insider and brand channels online and instore. As a result, talent content distributed through specialist media partners delivered a 300% higher engagement rate than previous campaigns.
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: Joel Claude
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