Project Breakdown


Timberland engaged NERDS to help the brand understand and identify how best to scale sales internationally via their network of mainstream retail partners; Champs (US), Footlocker (EU) and JD Sports (EU) etc whilst foregrounding the brand's commitment to eco-consideration and sustainability.
NERDS tested sustainability themes as potential communication routes through mixed methodology research. The study specifically gauged themes of eco-friendliness, sustainability, broader purchase consideration factors and purchase decision-making priorities in footwear and fashion, and, more generally, interrogated the existence and spectrum of an intersection between nature and the inner city youth experience amongst the strategic target consumer.
NERDS leveraged the research to build a bespoke cultural strategy and deliver subsequent campaigns collaborating with unsung youth community movements across Europe. The project highlighted inner-city youth movements that have inspiring relationships with their ‘environment’ and resulted in a 360 campaign incorporating talent and influencer engagement, cultural storytelling, lookbook and product assets, with still and moving content optimised for retailer POS and performance marketing. Timberland European sales rose by 12% following this campaign.
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