Project Breakdown


UGG came to NERDS with the ambition to get the classic UGG boot trending in the UK.
Amongst the audience with the highest propensity to purchase the classic UGG boot, NERDS identified that the dominant influence on fashion, style and footwear product choices was being driven by music artists, particularly in the increasingly prevalent realms of UK Rap. The brands that dominate in the UK Rap fan landscape are the ones that their favourite rappers wear, reference in lyrics and showcase in music videos.
NERDS developed a system for UGG to unlock the cultural visibility that would kick-start their ability to get the classic UGG boot trending. UGG LIFE was NERDS' creative platform and solution to the challenge that specifically spotlights talent from the UK Rap and street-culture space who refuse to be defined by convention. We worked with internationally renowned UK Rap talents to create an unexpected take on lookbook content and unlock highly influential visibility on social media platforms.
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: Joel Claude
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