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Sprite’s market share was in decline. Alongside a product refresh and brand overhaul, the soft drink giant sought a consumer-centric cultural positioning that would allow them to optimise their ability to attract Gen-Z soda drinkers and reignite commercial growth
Among global Gen-Z soft drink consumers, NERDS found that the dominant influence on culture and identity, and subsequently purchase decision making, is rap music and its associated cultural expressions.
NERDS devised a strategy that would culturally root and subsequently align the Sprite brand with the dominant Gen-Z cultural movement in an authentic, culturally sensitive and purposeful way. NERDS also developed a global cultural platform that would see Sprite both acknowledge, celebrate and give back to the under-resourced communities that are largely responsible for birthing and continuously evolving rap music's influential role in global culture. As a result Sprite has since reported brand uplift of 26% with Gen-Z soft drink consumers.
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: Joel Claude
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