Project Breakdown


NERDS were approached to underpin the successful launch and sell-through of a new adidas proposition for the self care market, specifically within an already congested global Gen-Z marketplace. The challenge was to explore and co-create conceptual territories, potential products and test resulting concepts and associated go-to-market strategies to optimise the project's potential to connect with a Gen-Z target consumer credibly.
Unfortunately, previous efforts to innovate in this space have lacked nuance and the understanding required to optimise combinations of product, positioning and channels for commercial success. NERDS identified that to cut through today, body care product development requires a more nuanced understanding of culture, identity, beauty and the mechanics of influence within the sub-parts of a complex, fragmented and often polarised Gen-Z landscape.
NERDS conducted a global Gen-Z consumer concept exploration, co-creation and product testing programme. We recruited a genuinely diverse and representative group of youth consumers in six major cities around the world, delivering an interactive, qualitatively rooted research experience that has provided the foundations for product development, brand and marketing efforts.
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