AI Machine Learning - Sneaker Authenticator

As the sneaker 'hype' revolution is in full flight across the globe, fake creps have also blown up. As a response, eBay and StockX have manual authenticators, which is an arduous and expensive use of resources. The tech company Entrupy have developed a solution to this problem; a machine learning piece of software, 'Legit Check Tech', that can analyse a pair of sneakers to determine whether they're authentic. For example, the algorithm's accuracy can spot a fake pair of Jordan Ones made in the same factory Nike uses to produce their Jordans. Entrupy's system includes an app and a physical box that photographs various points of interest in the shoe — like the sneaker's size tag, sole pattern and material. The more you feed the algorithm, the better the system identifies fakes. The next five years will be a race for AI-powered automation; no industry will be left unturned.

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AI Machine Learning - Sneaker Authenticator

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