Data Never Sleeps

Check out the infographic below that showcases an annual look at online consumer behaviour and how we use, generate, and view data every minute across high-traffic platforms and applications, from Instagram to Instacart and YouTube to Netflix.

Information overload will only increase as the data stream becomes more rapid. As consumers become overstimulated and overwhelmed by increased exposure to content, they become better at ignoring and skipping irrelevant information. Consequently, brand marketers must produce more engaging content to cut through. But what makes content engaging to Gen-Z? We found that consumers filter content through their cultural preferences beyond anything else. Therefore, brands need to better integrate their product or service within influential cultures relevant to the target consumer. Gen-Z are so adept at skimming and skipping content that feels irrelevant that you must ensure the cultural integration of the brand feels 100% authentic, or Gen-Z will swipe it.

Data Never Sleeps

Data Never Sleeps


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