Authentic Cultural Purpose?

Cultural purpose is an essential component of a brand's belief system. That said, too often, I see brands align with a purpose that either doesn't relate to their core consumer or authentically links to the brand's DNA. Lack of connection with a misaligned purpose can have an adverse effect, coming across as social posturing rather than an earnest attempt to create a positive impact. The key is understanding the consumer's cultural tension and finding genuine ways that the brand can resolve this pressure in a meaningful way that feels authentic. The benefits of a considered brand purpose that fosters a genuine social connection between the brand's internal beliefs whilst aligning with the consumer's credence include;

  • Internal Culture: increased internal camaraderie and a positive working environment, as people work more efficiently when they feel like they're making a difference, fulfilling their 'destiny'.
  • Consumer Togetherness: shared belief systems increase trust and confidence with consumers. Consumers are happy to pay a premium for brands that help project their chosen ideology.

With the rise of AI and the rejection of social inequality, I believe people are seeking a more humanistic approach to work and engaging with brands which start with culture.

Authentic Cultural Purpose?

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