Beyond Fashion Genres: A New Style Narrative ????

The traditional lines of subcultural genres are blurring. What was once a primary tool for branding and marketing has become less relevant in today's dynamic fashion landscape. ????
No longer is stylistic expression strictly categorized - it's now a fluid form of self-expression. Cultural mash-ups from diverse contexts aren't just for pinnacle streetwear brands but for everyone across the fashion landscape, from high fashion to high street - the rules are changing. ????
In this post-genre era, fashion interpretation is deeply personal. If genres were once fashion's grammar, now it's about the individual 'words' - our clothes. The wearer, not the clothes, completes the fashion narrative. ????
As we navigate this world, fashion borrows from various domains, challenging brands to develop unique aesthetics. But ultimately, it's the 'peopledem' who define the value of these aesthetics. ????????️????"

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