Every Friday, I'm gonna share a culture-defining track, lifting up an iconic moment in music culture.

The first track I will spotlight is More Fore Crew's ‘Oi’, a 2001 single release that marks the transition from garage into grime. This track went number eight in the charts, which was a first for grime. Big up the pioneers Lethal B, Ozzie B, Neeko & Platinum 45. Directed by Harry Syed. Stylistically, it was all about baggy EVISU Jeans, oversized jackets, Nike tracksuits, one Nike golf glove and mopeds at that time. This track was my ringtone, and at any party we went to, it was the first track we played following a hostile sound system takeover!

Data Never Sleeps


AI Machine Learning - Sneaker Authenticator

Levi’s® Project Jarreau Vandal

501® Jeans | The Number that Changed Everything with Kicki

Zalando Buys Majority Stake in Highsnobiety What does this mean? 

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