Cultural Curators Fuel Trends

Community-orientated curators are the real influencers shaping culture. It's the niche culture custodians quietly exploring style nuances that fuel the aspirational economy.

Cultural currency comes from knowing. This is why the curators have such a pivotal role in disseminating influence, acting as the mavens, and collecting and disseminating cultural trends. Often real curators, by nature, are less concerned with scale or fame but with artistic integrity. For example, check out @Hiddenny, an anonymous 'personal blog' IG account followed by Drake and the late Virgil Abloh that focuses on past, present and future artefacts within the world of streetwear. Curators are responsible for the cultural coding of products, injecting new meaning and building compelling stories and value, acting as the segway between product and subculture.

Brands must consider product curation and collaboration with the curator mindset, ensuring they're installing relevant stories that strengthen the product's sense of meaning and value in a specific community.

Cultural Curators Fuel Trends

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