🔑 Diving deep into the growth of culture and subcultures.

Here are my three key learnings 👇

1️⃣ The cultivation of culture is not an overnight process. It takes a significant amount of time, marked by consistent efforts and dialogues within founding communities. Regardless of the sphere of influence, consistent and persistent efforts and practices are instrumental in creating lasting impacts.

2️⃣ The birth of a subculture or cultural movement is never a consequence of a single event. It results from a series of activities and consistent efforts of expression. Each activity is a stepping stone towards a larger cultural influence.

3️⃣ The power of collective creation can't be overstated when it comes to cultural transformations. Group efforts, where individuals unite to express a shared point of view, have immense power and the potential to cause major cultural shifts.

These lessons bring into focus the concept of "metalabels". A metalabel is a platform where groups with shared interests can create, and support works that mirror their ideologies. It's a structural setup that lets groups sustain over time and significantly amplify the impact of individual members. 👥

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