HOODRICHUK x TOP BOY collaboration on Netflix

A legendary partnership. HOODRICH has soooo much visibility on the high street up and down the UK with the street culture-inspired youth consumer - it always comes up in our research. It perfectly encapsulates and speaks to this cohort's entrepreneurial spirit and hustle. No longer is this stratum excluded from the fashion mainstream - they are now owning it and driving it up to high fashion and beyond. Global brands can't compete with HOODRICH due to their absolute cultural authenticity, consumer intelligence, tenacity, and never give up mentality ????????????. HOODRICH is; by the culture for the culture. Cultural ownership will continue to increase, supercharged by Web3 - more power to the individuals and communities shaping culture. HOODRICH is a beacon of inspiration for young inner-city kids that need positive and identifiable role models to overcome their underdog psychosis. I've been gassed to watch this company grow from the streets. Trapstar London paved the way, and players like Cortiez are setting the pace. Congratulations Jay WilliamsMatt Morton and the rest of the team ????????????????????????

Data Never Sleeps


AI Machine Learning - Sneaker Authenticator

Levi’s® Project Jarreau Vandal

501® Jeans | The Number that Changed Everything with Kicki

Zalando Buys Majority Stake in Highsnobiety What does this mean? 

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