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Excited to share my latest article, "The Rise of Cultural Currency: A New Era for Gen-Z and Beyond", published on The Drum.

In the piece, I delve into the emergence of 'cultural currency', a significant factor shaping Gen-Z's identities, values, and perspectives. This shift is crafting a new landscape for pop culture, moving away from Eurocentrism towards a more globalised perspective.

In the quest for cultural authenticity, Gen-Z is embracing their cultural roots and ancestral heritage, blending tradition and modernity in their daily lives. They are challenging narratives and amplifying marginalized voices, thereby reshaping cultural norms and values.

This trend isn't just about recognition or appreciation of diverse cultures; it's about empowerment, social justice, and grassroots activism. Brands need to keep up, pay attention to the stories behind the trends, and be conscious of the cultural roots of the movements they align with.

If you're interested in Gen-Z trends, cultural shifts or looking to engage authentically with young audiences, I encourage you to check out the article. Let's start a conversation on the role and impact of cultural currency in our evolving world. Your thoughts, brand experiences, and insights are welcome and appreciated!

Read the article here: https://lnkd.in/eE8mNN34


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