We're increasingly seeing mid-naughties brands like True Religion and Ed Hardy being mentioned in our latest youth research studies as trends move from the early to mid-2000s. The mid-naughties was when Grime was an underground sound appreciated globally, and brands like Von Dutch, Ed Hardy, New Era, True Religion, and Juicy Culture were everything. Baggy jeans, colourful tops and New Era hats were donned sideways. But it was only a few years ago when 90s retro culture was popping. Unlike any other generation, Gen-Z is reviving trends at an unprecedented speed. Fashion revivals used to occur between 20 to 30 years from incubation, and now, they move almost seasonally. Whilst I'm gassed to be able to dust off a pair Truey Jeans and my Ed Hardy jumpers, it makes me wonder what the future of nostalgia trends revivals will look like. Will young people need to fuse generational trends, or will they need to explore trends beyond 30 years ago to continue to stand out and express themselves?


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