Communities and Social Media: A Community Communication Strategy

A community communication strategy can be immensely beneficial to any organisation. It provides numerous advantages, such as creating a community, improving communication, and increasing public awareness. Additionally, community communication strategies can be used for various reasons, such as marketing, fundraising, and public relations.

Why Should You Develop A Communication Plan?

Developing a communication plan is one of the most important steps you can take when working with others. Not only will it ensure that your messages are received and understood, but it can also help prevent misunderstandings and potential conflicts. Here are some reasons why you should develop a plan:

  1. It can help avoid confusion. When messages are not transparent or consistent, it can lead to misunderstandings and disagreements. A well-crafted communication plan will ensure that all participants know what is expected of them and what exchanges will take place.
  2. It can improve efficiency. When messages are sent and received promptly, it saves time and energy. If everyone is on the same page, there is less chance of conflict or confusion down the road.
  3. It makes relationships stronger. A strong relationship requires effective communication between both parties.

When Should You Develop A Communication Plan?

When communicating with others, it is essential to have a plan in place. This means being aware of the different communication channels available to you and planning accordingly. There are many factors to consider when developing a communication plan, such as the time of day, the person you are communicating with, and the message you are trying to send.

The following list provides some general tips for planning your communication:

  1. Planning will help avoid potential conflict and ensure your message is delivered successfully.
  2. Consider who you are messaging and find out when (day time or night time) they may be more likely to be receptive.
  3. Take into account any cultural differences when drafting your message. For example, certain words or phrases may carry different meanings in different cultures.
  4. Be aware of your body language and how it might be interpreted by the other person.

7 Tips for Creating a Communications Strategy that Connects Your Community

1. Create A Centralised Communications Hub

The benefits of creating a centralised communications hub are many. First and foremost, it can help your community stay connected. This can be especially important if you have a large population spread out across multiple municipalities or if you have a small population that is difficult to reach.

A communications hub can also help improve public safety. By consolidating communication resources, you can better disseminate information about emergencies and events and ensure that all residents are aware of current happenings.

Finally, a centralised communications hub can reduce the communication cost for your community. By centralising your messaging, you can reduce the need for individual members to purchase separate communication tools, such as pagers or cell phones.

2. Use Your Community's Opinions

Communication strategies play a critical role in building and maintaining relationships with your community. However, many organisations do not consider the opinions of their community when developing their communication plans. Here are three tips for incorporating community feedback into your communications strategy:

  1. Start by understanding your community’s needs and wants. This information can be found through surveys, focus groups, or interviews with community members.
  2. Use social media to reach out to your community. Use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to share news, updates, and events that are important to them.
  3. Create content that is interesting and useful to your audience. This can be accomplished by writing blog posts, creating videos, and uploading photos showcasing your work in the community.

3. Build A Sense Of Community

Community connection is one of the essential factors in any communications strategy. By building a sense of community, businesses can connect with their customers and employees more effectively. Here are some tips for creating a communication strategy that connects your community:

  1. Address your community’s concerns. When building a community connection, it’s essential to identify what the residents want and need. This way, you can provide tailored services and information that will benefit everyone involved.
  2. Listen to your residents. When creating a communication strategy, it’s essential to pay attention to what your residents are saying. They may have valuable insights into how you can improve your overall relationship with them.

4. Celebrate Your Community

One of the most critical aspects of creating a successful communications strategy is understanding your community’s needs and wants. By celebrating your community’s unique characteristics, you can create a stronger connection with them that will result in positive outcomes.

There are many benefits to acknowledging and celebrating your community. These include strengthening relationships, improving communication, and building trust.

One of the primary uses for a communications strategy that connects with your community is to improve public safety. When citizens feel connected to their government, they are more likely to report crimes and maintain good relationships with law enforcement officers.

Trust is another significant benefit of a well-crafted communications strategy that connects with your community. When citizens have faith in their government, they are more likely to cooperate with requests for information or assistance.

5. Track engagement

One of the most important aspects of any communications strategy is how it connects with your community. However, connecting with your community can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why it’s important to track engagement as one of the tips for creating a communications strategy that connects your community.

The benefits of tracking engagement are numerous. You can see which methods are working well and which need improvement. Additionally, you can use this information to tailor future messages to better connect with your audience.

The advantages of tracking engagement include gaining insight into what topics resonate with your audience and determining the best times and channels to share specific messages. Tracking engagement also allows you to measure the effectiveness of your outreach efforts and determine whether or not you need to adjust them accordingly.


In conclusion, a community communication strategy is key to engaging and connecting with the residents of a given community. By understanding the needs and wants of its constituents, a municipality can develop an effective plan to reach out and connect with its residents.

Beyond simply broadcasting announcements or issuing press releases, a community communication strategy should involve engaging with key stakeholders and developing relationships based on mutual trust.


What are community communication plans?

Communication plans are systems that enable effective communication within a community. Two-way communication and systematic information sharing are made possible by it.

What is the importance of community communication?

Communication with communities in a timely, accurate, and relevant manner ensures that they receive information in a language, format, and channel that is culturally appropriate and accessible.

What is the importance of effective communication in community service?

Social workers must communicate daily with clients to get important information, convey important information, and make critical decisions. Without practical communication skills, a social worker may fail to obtain or convey this information, resulting in adverse effects for the client.

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