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TikTok and Snapchat continue to be superior for Gen Z marketing opportunities as group dances and lip-syncing take over our social media feeds.

While millennials and Baby Boomers are still spending time on Facebook and LinkedIn, Gen Z lives in a high-sensory, rapid-gratification world–a market where organisations must be current and knowledgeable about competing.

This constant stream of innovation and novelty is not slowing down. As Gen Z becomes a more prevalent group among many agency clients, it'll probably pick up speed. In 2022, Gen Z had a collective buying power of over $360 billion – and persuading them to buy is no easy feat.

Because of that, marketing to Gen Z is more difficult than simply sending them emails or luring them through a PPC campaign because this group has high expectations for products and brands.

You and your business have to innovate. You'll need to step up your marketing games, focus more on your business's creative and unique side, and might as well employ experts with prior experience in this field, like NERDS Collective, to assist throughout your journey.

In this post, we'll dig deeper as we try to understand the next-gen market more and how beneficial it is to work with the best gen z marketing agency in Westminster!

Who Exactly Are Gen Z?

Gen Z

Gen Z, or young people born between 1997 and 2010, make up about 15% of the population in the UK today.

Most Gen Z customers are knowledgeable of brands and the facts that underlie them. They can obtain information and make an opinion quickly when they are not. It will be obvious if a company promotes diversity but fails to promote diversity within its ranks, for instance.

Gen Z Marketing Requirements

The statistics mentioned above simply imply that you have to strategise carefully and make sure you're exerting enough effort when targeting this community. With that, here are things you need to consider when marketing to Gen Z.

Slow And Steady Won't Work Anymore

Eight seconds. That is the typical length of time that Gen Z spends before abandoning a piece of uninteresting content. The window that marketers have to capture and hold customers' attention is 8 seconds.

Slow and steady isn't something agencies have time for anymore.

Gen Z is prone to high-sensory visuals when it comes to their chosen content because they are a generation that grew up in the digital era. They make prompt, rational decisions.

Tinder and TikTok, which offer rapid pleasure, have helped Gen Z become adults and influence their decision-making.

Pack your content with powerful messages—hint: it's frequently interactive video. Your hooks must be effective. Talking heads on a screen are insufficient.

Videos must include captivating images in addition to talking heads. Clear subtitles, pertinent images, and related GIFs can enhance an engaging opening of 8 seconds.

Establish Your Brand's Personality

Say goodbye to the millennial-focused aesthetic of flawlessly selected content if you want to engage and connect with Gen Z.

Gen Zers want brands that are bold, have a strong voice, and have a personality, not just slick and minimalist graphics. Be bold and create a stir!

Aim to be the brand that leaves a mark!

Influencers Are Today's Celebrities


Working with the people that Gen Z trusts is a surefire way to sell to them (because it's difficult to find all of their elder sisters, we're looking to social media influencers).

People between the ages of 15 and 21 are more prone than older people to follow a few or many influencers.

Additionally, 24% of Gen Z women said that when looking for information on new things to purchase, influencers are the source they utilise most frequently.

Gen Z prefers to buy from brands they trust, and they hear about trusted businesses from people they trust. Collaborating with an influencer is a proven and effective approach when selling to Gen Z. It's all part of that brand authenticity/speaking the language business.

Establish A Connection

We are all aware of customer feedback's role in establishing brand trust, but if Generation Z is your target demographic, this is especially important.

76% of Gen Zers said they expect firms to respond to customer input and that they use this responsiveness to judge a brand's credibility.

Increase your number of reviews because 41% of this generation reads at least five internet reviews before making a purchase and shares twice as many good evaluations as bad ones.

But getting such reviews is just the first step; you also need to respond to them. If the feedback is favourable, ensure your response is personalised so potential buyers can understand it's not just a one-size-fits-all solution.

You should respond to critical comments as well; you need to demonstrate to readers that you are aware of the problem and are making every effort to fix it.

Work With The Best Gen Z Marketing Agency In Westminster Today

Aside from what is mentioned above, there are several things you can do to get the tickles of this generation–and it's not an easy feat.

One single mistake and your brand will be cancelled from the media. This is where hiring professionals with prior experiences–like us becomes more practical.

Here at NERDS Collective, we have worked with several clients already, so if anyone knows how to connect with Gen Z, it's us!

With us, there's no such thing as a universal strategy we use in our campaigns. We take time to understand your brand's unique culture and keep that in mind when creating creative campaigns that appeal.

Don’t hesitate. Book a call today!


While millennials and Generation Z may initially appear to be similar, a closer look reveals that there is more going on than first appears.

By tweaking your current digital marketing plan by keeping the things mentioned above in mind and hiring an expert gen z marketing agency like NERDS Collective, you can increase brand trust and loyalty with your Gen Z audience in no time.


How do I find the best Gen Z Marketing Agency in Westminster?

Find an agency specialising in youth and cultural intelligence and emphasising strategy, insights, and innovation. It must assist brands in moving closer to adopting a stance that is in line with customers.

A good Gen Z marketing company should have the following characteristics:

  • A sales strategy that targets the youth
  • Hiring ambassadors and content producers that would enable cultural material
  • Brand interactions that spark genuine interest among youth
  • Hyper-smart, multichannel storytelling that creates new trends

What is the typical cost of hiring a Gen Z Marketing Agency in Westminster?

Digital marketing service agreements cost between $5,000 and $10,000 per month, and digital marketing strategy projects typically cost between $8,000 and $30,000.

However, remember that every business is unique, and so are costs. So, why not give us a call to discuss your needs and the cost after that?

What is the best approach when it comes to Gen Z marketing?

There's no such thing as the "best" way in Gen Z marketing. It all depends on the type of your business and the kind of audience you're targeting.

But, with our years of experience, we have noticed that the abovementioned strategies work most–so feel free to use them and adjust them until you find the right strategy for you that works.

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