How Do Influencer Marketing Agencies Make Money

Today's marketing world evolves quickly, and influencer marketing campaigns have become a famous brand marketing strategy. An influencer is a person who has a significant impact on people's thinking or behaviour, and they can be knowledgeable in specific fields.

Influencer campaigns are rapidly used across many industries with high growth rates over the past few years. More companies adopt them as a crucial part of their marketing strategy.

Brands now have more of a choice when deciding how to go about creating the perfect marketing campaign. An influencer-led takeover is a perfect way to take your brand message and make it reach even a wider audience, both online and off.

What Does an Influencer Marketing Agency Do?

Influencer marketing agencies are focused on building and managing relationships with influencers to get them to promote their clients' products or services through the brand campaign. They also manage the campaign, analyse the data, and provide insights tailored to their clients' needs.

Influencer marketing agencies work with influencers by providing creative briefs and campaign guidelines. They need to promote within their channels of influence to reach the client's targeted audience.

They influence the people who follow them and usually have a good following that can be leveraged to promote products and services.

Why do Brands Need Influencer Agencies?

Brands use influencer agencies to reach a wider audience and engage with their target customers more personally. Influencer agencies can also help brands by providing them with the best content for their social media platforms and blogs. Many social media agencies provide influencer marketing services as well nowadays.

Influencer agencies are increasingly becoming popular among brands as they provide an alternative way of reaching out to potential customers.

The use of influencers has become a trend in the digital marketing world. Brands have been turning towards influencer agencies. Because they provide them with a more personal connection with their target audience, which companies have found difficult to achieve on their own.

In addition, some companies also use these agencies as content creators for their blogs and social media posts. They believe that it will be better than what they can come up with themselves.

What are Influencer marketing Agencies? How can Influencer Marketing Agencies help Brands?

Influencer marketing agencies are companies that connect brands with influencers. Influencer marketing agencies help brands by providing them with the content they need to market their products. They also help manage and execute campaigns on social media platforms.

Some of these agencies are in-house, and some are outsourced. The influencer marketing agency will work with a brand to create a campaign strategy and plan. Then find an influencer who can promote that product or service in their own unique way for maximum engagement.

How Do Influencer Marketing Agencies Make Money?

Influencer marketing agencies are monetised the same way as conventional marketing agencies; clients pay a fee for the capability to use influencers to promote their brands.

Influencer agencies charge on three basic commission models:

  1. Commission baked into a CPM
  2. Commission based on a percentage of the budget
  3. A flat monthly fee

With influencer marketing, many factors go into the cost of the campaign. The base commission rate can range from 15% to 30%, but it may inch up to 40% if you're working with a highly sought-after influencer and/or one who has a high value in your industry.

Some agencies don't disclose the amount of money they make from a campaign to the company. Some agencies do work with transparency as the pricing is based on commission. Thus we can calculate how much money they make from a campaign or profit margin. They believe this will give clients peace of mind and help them become successful.

An agency that represents influencers might be willing to give a brand a CPM but then negotiate a lower price with the influencer for their services without disclosing that information to the brand.

Some influencers might not be worth the investment. And some brands are turning to agencies for their marketing strategies, which entails that agencies will prioritise sourcing the most expensive influencers and give them higher commissions.

There are two problems with the flat monthly rate. You cannot tell how much work you will do in a month. Most agencies use micro-influencers growing in a specific niche. This can make it difficult for an agency to offer reach in other niches.

The only way brands can determine whether they're being charged relatively by an influencer agency is to compare prices across the market. Often the same exact influencer will cost more or less across different agencies.

Pricing Models

Pricing models are a crucial part of any business. They allow companies to set the price for their goods and services. Most pricing models are straightforward, but some can be more complicated. 

Here's a list of some of the most popular pricing models used across agencies:

Hourly Rate

Hourly rates are determined by the number of hours a company spends on a project for a client. The hourly rate is calculated by multiplying the number of hours spent working on a project with the hourly rate. For example, if an agency charges $50 per hour and spends 10 hours working on a project, their total charge will be $500.


Here, the agency calculates the hours that a project would take and then they charge a fixed amount for different services they provide. This pricing model is more suitable if a standard of the procedure is already well established. Once the average hours are calculated, they are multiplied by the hourly market rate. While we can estimate the cost of a project with any accuracy, there's always the risk of unforeseen costs. This is because projects are unpredictable and different from one another.


Typically, our pricing models are determined after a project's completion. The agency will determine the price based on ROI and shared risk and rewards between our clients.

These pricing models are used to fix the introductory price. A commission percentage is set on top of all expenses: profit or service charges.

Pricing models are a system, a set of rules, and a process for setting the price of a product or service. Agencies use pricing models to fix the introductory price, and commission will be set on top of all expenses. This sets their initial cost for the job and applies their cost plus any profit margin to each task they perform.

What Are Influencer Marketing Platforms?

An influencer marketing platform is a marketplace/ or tool that connects brands with influencers to promote their products or services. Influencer marketing platforms have a variety of engagement types, such as sponsored posts and video content.

Influencer marketing platforms will save you money. But there is a learning curve. You have to access the platform yourself and then plan, implement, and manage the campaigns, which is time-consuming and requires expertise in influencer marketing.

However, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to plan and implement your campaigns with ease. They require a higher level of brand involvement and are more suitable for smaller campaigns.

Brand involvement is an essential factor in deciding if you are going with a platform over an agency. You don't want to throw in your hat with just any influencer marketing platform – you must find the right one. 


The decision between an influencer marketing agency and a platform is mainly determined by your objectives.

Suppose you are looking to create brand awareness. In that case, an agency will be more valuable because they have the resources to find influencers with large audiences. However, if you are looking for conversions, a platform may be the better option due to its mass appeal.

If you are a startup or small enterprise, choose to use platforms to manage your own campaigns as no one knows your company better than you.

Entrepreneurship is on the rise, and as a result, more startups are popping up dealing with specific niche markets and ideas. There is an abundance of platforms to help manage your marketing campaigns. However, suppose you really want to get the best results. In that case, it is worth taking the time to understand what the campaign management platform can do.

A company should overlook the requirement of knowledge and experience of an influencer marketing agency before deciding.


What platform do influencers use?

Influencer marketing platforms are exciting new ways to manage influencer marketing campaigns. These platforms make it easy to set up, run your campaign, track and optimise your ROI. Such platforms are Grin, Klear, CreatorIQ and Upfluence.

Do influencers have agents?

Influencers work with talent agencies to link them to other companies, collaborations, and possibilities. The firm specialises in assisting brands in telling their story with the help of influencers.

Influencer agents can help you find deals with companies and manage your budgets, creative controls, and contracts.

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