How To Use Influencer Marketing On Instagram

Are you wondering how to use influencer marketing on Instagram? If you have, now is the time to start! 

There are a few things an influencer marketing campaign should have: a clear plan, consistency, and creativity. However, the campaign must be executed by people who share the brand's values.

One of the most prominent social media channels for influencer marketing is Instagram. It's a go-to for marketers looking to raise awareness of their brands and compel customers to interact with them.

Businesses of all sizes may partner with influencers to enhance brand recognition and engagement outside their branded social media accounts.

In this article, we will discuss using Influencer marketing on Instagram. 

Let’s get started;

What is Instagram Influencer Marketing, and Why is it Important?

With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses to advertise their products. The purpose of influencer marketing is to increase exposure and generate a favourable identity for the company's brand. Companies can reach a whole new audience with an influencer marketing strategy by partnering with an Instagram influencer.

Top social media influencers (including Instagrammers) have spent years building relationships and creating trust with their followers. They share authentic content relevant to their audience and build credibility with every post. Their recommendations can alter purchasing decisions and lead viewers to perform specific actions.

Verify that spending time and resources in an influencer marketing strategy will result in the expected outcomes. The results are influenced by precisely targeting the audience you wish to attract. You already know that influencer marketing is effective, and not only because 68% of marketing professionals conduct influencer campaigns on Instagram. Now you must decide whether or not running your campaign on Instagram is essential.

Why Choose Instagram for Influencer Marketing?

Let’s look at some of why you should use Instagram for influencer marketing.

Social Media Has Overtaken TV

According to the media organization Zenith, social media advertising will exceed television advertising in 2022, which appears to be both unbelievable and entirely understandable at the same time.

COVID-19 slowed social media's market share growth, but marketers are anticipated to spend $177 billion in 2022 and upwards of $225 billion by 2024. 26.5% of all advertising dollars will be spent on social media.

The B2C Influencer Market is worth more than $15 billion on its own, with the B2B Influencer Marketplace rapidly catching up.

The People’s Choice

Instagram is a highly popular platform for influencer marketing campaigns. According to Bloglovin's survey of 2,500 micro-influencer, Instagram is their favourite medium and 59% believe that social media is the most effective tool for engaging their target audience.

On average, 23% of social media users worldwide follow influencers and other professionals. That is the same proportion of people who support sports teams and individuals! Meanwhile, according to Global Web Index, another 18% admit to following Beauty gurus.

How to Choose the Best Instagram Influencers for Your Organization?

Finding the right influencer might be difficult. You'll also need to look out for indicators of a false influencer! During your search, keep in mind several criteria.

Here are some characteristics to keep in mind when looking for influencers.


The influencers you select to work with must be trustworthy for your partnerships to go smoothly and efficiently. For example, if an influencer is a sluggish communicator, it may prohibit you from completing partnerships on time.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, reliable influencers are proactive, which means they should respond to all of your communications quickly and adequately. Suppose influencers take more than a week to respond to your messages. In that case, it's a warning that they'll be slow to communicate once you start working together!

A review mechanism is in place on several influencer marketing sites. You can read what businesses had to say about previous collaborations by looking at their comments.

Content quality

Influencers are given creative freedom to develop commissioned content for your company when you partner with them. This is a win-win situation for both parties to increase income and recognition.

The material they produce must match your brand's image.

When planning to do an influencer campaign, look for folks who create high-quality, well-made, and original material. They also should have brand awareness. You should also look at their consistency over time to see whether they can develop a large following.


It's critical to enlist the support of influencers who are a good fit for your company to reach your target audience. It's worth checking other people's Instagram promotional posts since their followers may be interested in your items or services.

The advertising materials of a real estate business would not be acceptable for a food and drink influencer’s Instagram. Influencers whose profiles are a good fit for your company will have a following interested in your products or services.

Their sponsored pieces will connect with the target population if you collaborate with them.


You must collaborate with influencers with an audience relevant to your company to reach potential customers. On influencer marketing platforms, you may take advantage of the audience demographic features provided. Influencers with an audience in your desired area, age group, or gender will significantly assist your research. This allows you to communicate with the appropriate audience and spread the word about your products and services.


When looking at influencers' Instagram pages, pay attention to how often they post new material.

Influencers must engage their fans by regularly publishing high-quality material on Instagram to establish a devoted following.

Instagram accounts that are active should post content at least once every 1-3 days. Check how frequently the influencers post paid content.

You should aim for a decent mix of sponsored and non-sponsored content. If influencers write three or more sponsored pieces in a sequence, their reputation may be compromised.

You should then go through some of their followers' comments on their sponsored postings. Negative feedback suggests the influencer is pushing too many products.

Check For fake followers

It's reasonable to assume that an account with thousands of followers will have proportional engagement rates. By comparing the number of followers to the number of likes and comments, brands may determine this.

Instagram profiles with many followers but poor interaction rates are likely to have a large number of fake followers. Divide the total number of likes and comments by the number of followers to get an account's engagement rate.

We know this process might seem to take forever, butthere is an automated tool for this: FactCheck. FactCheck examines a profile and counts the amount of false and legitimate followers. The technology also identifies the followers who are the most suspect.

Even if the engagement appears genuine, double-check their followers and comments to ensure that the account hasn't purchased false likes and remarks.

How to Use Influencer Marketing on Instagram Through Influencers?

Instagram's visual content is closely linked to influencer marketing. Its users rely on the site to offer insight into the issues that matter most to them. Once you've compiled a list of Instagram influencers with whom you're interested in collaborating, the next step is to engage with them and explore the possibility of your company being promoted.

1. Build a relationship with the influencer

Begin by becoming familiar with the influencer. Familiarize yourself with their material, follow their Instagram account, and interact with them via comments and likes. You should wait two to three weeks before contacting someone to ensure that you have already established a connection. Investing time in developing a connection enables you to learn their level of responsiveness and their reaction to your brand. Additionally, it lays the groundwork for a stronger, more successful cooperation in the future.

2. Choose a Contact Method

Contact influencers directly using Instagram's direct message (DM) feature, through email, or via an influencer platform. Specific influencers provide an email address in their bio. If they do not have an email address, you can message them and request one. To DM an influencer on mobile or desktop, press or click the Message button on their profile.

An influencer platform enables you to easily connect and communicate with influencers on the platform. An advantage of this approach is that creators found on influencer platforms have subscribed to the service and are anticipating businesses to contact them.

3. Send a Pitch

Your initial communication with an influencer should be straightforward, brief, and targeted. Avoid using a strict template that makes your email or direct message sound spammy. Include one or two aspects of their Instagram account that you admire. Tell them why you're interested in working with them. Explain why you're writing to them and conclude with a call to action to entice them to reply.

4. Follow Up

If the influencer disagrees, express gratitude and wish them luck, or encourage them to contact you at any time. If they answer positively and express an interest in collaborating with you, provide them with detailed facts and expectations regarding the campaign. Include a financial compensation offer as well as non-monetary perks. Specific influencers will charge a flat fee. Accept or discuss these until a mutually agreed plan is reached.

If you do not get a response from the influencer after two or three days, send a follow-up email or direct message or DM questioning if they checked their inbox. After an extra two to three days, you can send a second follow-up email. However, you should consider doing another campaign later to prevent appearing spammy.

Instagram marketing is still in its early stages. The advantages of employing influencers on the network are practically limitless. This is especially true as the platform continues to expand its social commerce capabilities. Instagram influencer marketing, regardless of the size of your brand, may elevate your approach to new heights.


Why are influencers significant in marketing?

Influencers, with their massive reach, can increase brand exposure and awareness. They boost your brand's visibility and aid in the development of relevant online conversations around it. You can break through the noise and lead their following to your company through collaboration with influencers.

How successful is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is beneficial for 80% of marketers. 71% of marketers believe that influencer marketing generates higher-quality consumers and traffic than other forms of marketing. 89% of marketers believe influencer marketing has a comparable performance return on investment than other marketing channels.


On this page, we've discussed the issue of Instagram influencer marketing. We've seen the value of this marketing approach.

This article has discussed how to effectively utilize Instagram influencer marketing. You'll need to identify a few potential campaign influencers. You'll want to determine the nature of the stuff they're sharing.

Create a schedule for how often and when you want them to promote your brand or product. Keep an eye on their postings to ensure they keep to the agreed-upon timetable.

You must first establish your campaign's objectives before identifying the appropriate influencers. Finally, monitor everything to ensure that your campaign is performing correctly.

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