How To Use Social Listening Tools For Influencer Marketing?

Are you interested in influencer marketing? Do you know there are social listening tools for influencer marketing? Do you know how to use social listening tools for influencer marketing?

The imprints of social media domination are seen everywhere these days. Political candidates argue on Twitter and wage war with one another on Facebook. Brands are "boycotted" for their social media posts.

Effective internet marketing requires much effort. The competition for your audience's attention is fierce and there is an abundance of material to choose from. So, how do you differentiate yourself?

All of this begins with research. To differentiate yourself, you must first understand your audience, the people they follow, the information they consume, and the online discussions.

When appropriately utilised, social listening tools may significantly reduce the guesswork associated with influencer marketing. With organic reach for most businesses dropping on the majority of platforms, social influencer marketing offers a unique opportunity to generate word-of-mouth marketing from trusted consumers regardless of industry.

This article will explain everything you need to know about using social listening tools for influencer marketing. Let's get started;

social listening tools for influencer marketing

What exactly is social listening tools for influencer marketing, and how can it be used to your advantage?

Monitoring internet activity and discussions are referred to as social listening. This may be done for various reasons, and social listening tools are often more complicated than traditional social monitoring tools.

That is a significant amount of information you are spreading over various means. While sharing such knowledge is undoubtedly beneficial, it is better to have some sense of who is listening and what they think of your efforts.

You can monitor social media for brand mentions and keywords on social media by using social media monitoring tools. Social listening tools often include additional features as well.

By monitoring the whole web and performing detailed Boolean searches, you can locate even the most elusive references.

Any findings drawn will assist you in determining the most effective strategies to enhance your social media strategy, brand recognition, and social presence.

How does influencer marketing work, and what are the benefits?

When a person collaborates with a business to promote a product, this is known as influencer marketing. Celebrity endorsements were the first kind of influencer marketing.

We've all seen our favourite celebrities, sportsmen, and influencers endorsing a company or product on billboards. However, with the advent of the internet and social media, this ancient term has a new meaning.

Companies in today's digital age may find that social content providers with custom audiences offer more excellent value. On social media, these personalities have devoted and active communities of followers.

Influencer marketing is based on sponsoring well-known social media celebrities who would utilise branded items and serve as brand ambassadors. An endorsement is similar to that done by celebrities, but via social media and in a more natural way.

Influencer marketing works because social influencers have a high level of trust with their followers. Their recommendations act as a sort of social proof to your brand's prospective consumers.

What are social listening tools?

 social listening tools

Social media listening tools enable you to watch many social media marketing networks from a single location. You may monitor brand mentions, relevant keywords, and direct feedback through tags and messages. Distributing material to your social networks will be a lot easier.

Your thought leadership material will result in more social media mentions, leading to more engagement and, eventually, increased conversions.

Several of these technologies allow you to publish straight to your social media accounts from the dashboard. Additionally, by integrating your numerous social media channel, you'll be able to see all of your metrics in one location.

You can also schedule posts using tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Tailwind, so you don't have to manually update your social media accounts throughout the day. 

Remember, you should consider that the social listening tool or tools you use, should be able to do sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is the study of the subjective information included in an expression, namely the views, assessments, feelings, or attitudes regarding a subject, person, or institution. 

For example, " Wow!! That is a great design you are wearing" It's a positive opinion.

"What the hell kind of design is that? LAMO!!!". It is a very harsh opinion.

Some popular Social Listening Tools You Must Know.

These are some famous Social Listening Tools you may need to empower your marketing. 

Falconio is a complete social listening software that monitors the "social web" and traditional networks. Additionally, the application is available in most of the world's main languages, ensuring a global reach.

This implies that it is beneficial for global brands, not only those operating in a single language. 

This is particularly beneficial for tourism and hospitality, given the diversity of languages spoken by tourists, who can subsequently share their experiences.

Apart from this multilingual monitoring feature, Falcon enables you to create and execute campaigns directly from the platform. This involves both the scheduling of campaigns and the monitoring of their performance. Finally, this tool tracks trends and assists in identifying influencers. As a result, it is beneficial for various marketing departments, including direct messaging and interaction. 

Falconio is available in a variety of configurations. It begins at $129 a month for a bare-bones edition.


Hubspot is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Having said that, Hubspot can undoubtedly be used to spark social media debates and expand your reach across social media platforms. Hubspot does this by integrating various diverse technologies into a unified platform.

Hubspot is a marketing tool, a sales and service tool, and a content management platform that may be used to optimise content performance. Regardless of how Hubspot is presented, it has the potential to be a powerful tool in the arsenal of anybody trying to increase online reach and brand-relevant dialogues.

Due to the breadth of Hubspot's software offerings, the price varies significantly. Monthly pricing for bundles connecting many "hubs" begins at $45 and may climb up to $4,000 per month.


If all you need is a social media listening tool, Brandwatch may be the one you need. This is because its a market research and consumer intelligence platform, not only a social listening tool. However, if you're looking for a wealth of information in one location, Brandwatch may be for you. Indeed, this is a social media management tool since Brandwatch's primary restriction is that it primarily watches social media accounts instead of other forms of social media presences and other significant mentions.

Another benefit of Brandwatch is that it supports a variety of integrations. Since Brandwatch acquired many other firms, they have established an expansive footprint throughout the Web via those additional products.

Finally, the primary cause of this is its capacity to provide insightful information on numerous parties. These may be brands, but they can also be individuals or concepts. In general, an excellent method for doing market research and strategic planning.


Mention is another advanced social media listening tool that allows you to monitor the web. You may monitor whatever terms you choose, from social media to blogs and forums, including your brand name and rivals.

Its functions are precious. Although it may seem sophisticated at first glance, it is relatively simple to configure once you understand how it works. It helps you capture more elusive references that you would otherwise miss.

You may include as many variables as you want, set rules, and yet you won’t miss any mentions that contain your specific keywords separated by other phrases.

Additionally, after you've uncovered noteworthy mentions, noteworthily straight from the dashboard, you can collaborate with additional team members using Mention's team collaboration capabilities. 

Naturally, you evaluate your searches and develop real-time data to share with appropriate parties.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a tool for managing social media in a more professional manner. It lacks the free or low-cost option that the majority of other platform assessments provide. It is obviously aimed at bigger enterprises with more robust requirements.

It offers an easy-to-use UI that is sensibly set out. It focuses on its Smart Inbox, which automatically aggregates all of your social communications. You may choose to merge or keep all of your inboxes separate.

Indeed, you may combine any number of social inboxes, which is especially advantageous for agencies, who can categorise inbox communications by the client.

How To Use Social Listening Tool For Influencer Marketing?

As we mentioned social listening tools allow you to discover who is saying what about your brand or goods. You can now develop and monitor influencer marketing initiatives using this data. When appropriately utilised, social listening tools may significantly reduce the guesswork associated with influencer marketing.

Let’s get to know how to use social listening tools for influencer marketing;


The first step is to explore the key influencers in your target market. This is best accomplished via social listening. 

You may identify the influencers in your target market by searching for industry-related hashtags and looking for posts with a high degree of interaction. This approach is much simplified when using social media monitoring tools.

The fundamental engagement metrics are the ideal starting point for selecting social influencers as possible partners. These actions include likes, shares, retweets, faves, pins, and any other indication that a follower is reading and engaging with the influencer.

While having many followers is beneficial in general, engagement is important here. There are several bots and phoney identities on social media that artificially inflate follower numbers but give no engagement and consequently no buying power.

Enhance the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaign message

One possibility is to use social listening tools to determine what an influencer should say.

Consider the following scenario: you're selling a specific sports shoe. For example, runners with flat feet may need a "stability shoe." If you offer this kind of shoe, you may listen to how flat-footed runners discuss your shoes.

You might then have a social media influencer attempt to exaggerate the positive features and minimise the negative ones.

Clearly, you want to offer the influencer artistic licence to develop their own message. Nonetheless, there is no reason why you should not use the data gained from social listening in an influencer brief to influence them.

Find out what people want to know.

Social listening tools may also ascertain what your customers want to know about your product. A piece of sporting equipment may have multiple functions. With the answers to these questions, you can begin an influencer marketing campaign around them. A person who is an expert in a sport can explain how to utilise the equipment in the video.

In other words, social listening tools may assist you in establishing relationships with influencers as part of social media sentiment production efforts. Which can subsequently be shared with influencer networks to reach a target audience.

Eliminating fake

scam alert - Eliminating fake

Social listening tools enable you to determine who is really important in a specific business. This is very useful in a cutthroat business such as beauty or lifestyle. Each day, new influencers emerge in these businesses.

However, many "fake" influencers are in it just for fame or money. Annually, companies are expected to lose more than one billion dollars to influencer fraud. 

Through listening techniques, you can determine if people are really good at exerting their influence and, therefore, limit your risk.

Associating with social leaders

The next phase is to form collaborative relationships with these social leaders. This may be accomplished in various ways (sponsorship, free product trials, etc.). The objective is to not only educate these influencers about your business or product but to also urge them to become social media brand advocates.

You must establish the value of your product and its relevance to the followers of your targeted market. This may be the most challenging step since social influencers won't recommend a product until it has been thoroughly reviewed. They risk losing their social media reputation and following.

Bear in mind, however, that the FTC demands that sponsored communications (those in which you pay or reimburse an influencer) be clearly recognised as such. This may be accomplished by using the #sp or #spon hashtags or directly informing followers of the existence of a sponsorship arrangement.

Consider the information about your sector that gets the most significant engagement. While it may be challenging to determine who is buying things due to the influencer, if there is a high amount of contact, there is a good chance that people are purchasing.

Additionally, you will get an understanding of industry trends.

Enhance Your Influencer Marketing Techniques

Digital Marketing - Business plans

After you've conducted a few influencer marketing campaigns, it's time to fine-tune your plan. Social listening tools may significantly aid in these endeavours.

At the very least, they enable you to determine the effectiveness of your message. This technique entails more than simply statistics; it entails observing accurate social media comments.

Consider the following scenario: you are a hamburger business attempting to compete with the industry's 1,000-pound gorilla McDonald's. To "win" at influencer marketing, you may employ social listening to track the effectiveness of each campaign.

You may discover that your brand is frequently associated with sports events or other unique lifestyle content angles. You may change your plan and objectives for the next campaign.


influencer identification tools

Once you've established a connection with an influencer who believes in your product, you can use their organic social media reach by sponsoring product giveaways or free trials.

This is not only far less expensive than standard sponsored social media marketing, but it may also result in a greater conversion rate per impression.

Because you're going from cold engagement to warm engagement, your conversion rate may grow.

Consider the difference between a cold call and a warm call in a sales atmosphere. Viewers develop a sense of familiarity with these social influencers and, more significantly, confidence in their judgement.

As a result, when these influencers endorse a product, the buyer is automatically moved farther down the purchasing process funnel. In certain circumstances, social influencers may move a buyer down the funnel, from issue identification to purchase.


What are the functions of social listening tools?

A social media listening tool is software that monitors and analyses online discussions regarding your brand, a particular subject, your rivals, or anything else necessary to your business. It collects and analyses mentions of defined keywords.

How do businesses gather data from social media platforms?

This information may be gathered via the items you share, like, accept, or search for on your devices. The data is then collected and analysed by big data businesses and scientists to create personas about you that can predict your age and gender, interests, and much more.


On the Internet, people exchange their feelings, complaints, and wishes. And yet, businesses are still experimenting with developed strategies.

While identifying the correct partners and developing these connections might be challenging, it is essential to keep in mind that these are long-term relationships that will benefit your organisation's brand awareness and revenues in the long run.

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