The Complete Guide to Market Research Panel Companies You Should Be Working With

Market research panel companies offer several benefits, such as the ability to gather data quickly and easily, access to a large pool of respondents, and the potential to improve your research findings.

What is a Research Panel?

A research panel is a group of experts recruited to provide impartial feedback on a research proposal. A research panel can be extremely important in helping to determine the feasibility and merits of a research project.

A research panel is made up of people with different backgrounds and expertise. This diversity helps to ensure that the panel will have a diverse set of opinions on the proposal. The members of a research panel are often called upon to provide unbiased feedback on the feasibility and merits of a proposed project.

The importance of having a well-selected research panel cannot be overstated. Inaccurate or biased feedback can seriously impact the success or failure of a proposed project. When selecting members for your research panel, it is important to take into account various factors, including but not limited to: qualifications, experience, familiarity with the topic area, and willingness to provide unbiased feedback.

Why Use a Research Panel?

Research panels are an excellent way to collect data. A research panel is a group chosen for their expertise in a particular topic area. This allows you to get accurate, unbiased information from many people. Panel members can be recruited from public or private organisations, academia, or the general population. There are many reasons why you should use a research panel.

One reason is that research panels are a powerful tool for study design and hypothesis testing. They can help you answer questions about your target population and the factors influencing behaviour. Additionally, research panels can provide valuable feedback on your survey design and questionnaire content.

Another reason to use a research panel is that they offer greater flexibility than traditional surveys. Panel members can be contacted at any time, which makes it easier to gather data when it’s needed most.

When Might You Use A Research Panel?

Research panels can be a valuable tool for gathering feedback and information from various individuals. They can be used to test new products or services, investigate customer needs, or collect data on a specific topic. When should you use a research panel? Here are some tips:

  1. One example is when you want to test the effectiveness of a new product. You can ask a group to try it out and gather feedback about their experiences. This type of study is often called an "A/B" experiment.
  2. Another example is when you want to investigate customer needs. You can ask different groups of people about their thoughts on a particular topic. This type of study is often called a "Customer Opinion Survey."
  3. Finally, research panels can be used to collect data on a specific topic.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Managing Your Research Panel?

As a researcher, you know that the best way to get the most reliable and accurate data is through a research panel. This is because a research panel is made up of people who have firsthand experience with the topic under investigation. This means that the panel members are more likely to be accurate in their findings. Here are some of the main benefits of managing your research panel:

  1. You can ensure accuracy and reliability in your data by choosing a research panel that is composed of people who have firsthand experience with the topic under investigation.
  2. You can also customise your research panel to reflect your target audience better. This allows you to get valuable feedback from individuals who understand your specific needs and wants.
  3. Managing your research panel also gives you more control over the process, which can lead to faster and more efficient results.

What Are The Types Of Panels For Research?

The Corporate Panel

A corporate panel for research is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. It can provide a wealth of information to help businesses make better decisions and improve their performance. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of using a corporate panel for research:

  1. Corporate panels offer an efficient way to collect data from many respondents. This allows businesses to get accurate insights and feedback quickly, which can help them make better decisions and improve their performance.
  2. Panellists are typically well-educated and experienced professionals knowledgeable about the industry in which they work. This means that corporate panels offer reliable, expert insights that can be used to inform business decisions.
  3. Panellists typically have access to confidential information about companies, which makes them well-equipped to provide insightful feedback. This allows businesses to gain critical insights that could lead to improved performance.

The Supplier Panel

A supplier panel for research is a collection of suppliers who can provide products or services for a research study. Suppliers on a supplier panel are selected based on their ability to meet the specific needs and specifications of the research study. Supplier panels provide many benefits and advantages, including:

  1. Cost savings - By using a supplier panel, the researcher can reduce the costs associated with research. This includes the cost of products or services, as well as labour costs.
  2. Quality control - A supplier panel provides quality control over products and services. This means that the quality of products and services is consistent across all panel members.
  3. Ease of access - Supplier panels is easy to access. Researchers can find suppliers quickly and easily without searching through numerous websites.

How To Recruit A Market Research Panel?

Many businesses are interested in conducting market research but find it difficult to find a reliable and affordable panel of respondents. Here are some tips on how to recruit a market research panel:

  1. Define your target market. Who is your target audience? What are their needs and wants? Once you know this, you can start identifying which markets you want to survey.
  2. Gauge interest in the topic. Ask your friends, family, and social media followers if they’re interested in participating in a market research study. If there’s enough interest, create a questionnaire that can be sent out to potential respondents.
  3. Evaluate responses carefully. Don’t just take the first response that comes in – make sure the person responding is qualified and representative of your target market demographics.


In conclusion, market research panel companies offer a cost-effective way to gather data. They are also great resources for researching specific topics or industries. If you are looking to conduct market research, these companies may be the best option for you.


How does market research use panels?

An online survey panel, a study panel, an in-depth interview panel, or a focus group can be considered a pre-recruited group of individuals who have agreed to provide feedback online.

How do panel companies work?

For a fee per complete response, panel companies match online respondents with your survey's target audience.

What are the steps to becoming a market research panel member?

Market research panel companies require members to share a lot of personal information with them to participate. Registration forms may ask participants for demographic information (such as race/ethnicity, age, education level, etc.).

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