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At NERDS Collective, we have found through recent research that the #SoftLife is gaining momentum as young people challenge the hustle mentality and prioritize self-care, relaxation, and mental well-being. While the Soft Life movement originated with Black females, it has been co-opted by a broader, predominantly middle-class consumer group, and also touches all socioeconomic scales to some degree. This shift redefines success as a holistic balance of physical, mental, and emotional well-being rather than material wealth and traditional milestones. The COVID-19 pandemic amplified this ideology, prompting individuals to seek a healthier work-life balance and driving a push for a four-day workweek.

Brands have an opportunity to support the Soft Life movement and the communities seeking respite and wellness. They can do so by promoting mental health and self-care initiatives, offering products and services catering to relaxation and well-being, advocating for flexible work arrangements and policies prioritising employee well-being, and sharing stories of individuals who have successfully embraced the Soft Life movement. As this movement continues to evolve, brands must support these values and contribute to the creation of a more compassionate and understanding society.

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