'The Donut Shop' Project

Please meet our newest NFT, a 3D character from 'The Donut Shop' project. I bought this only because the concept and mechanic were dope. The digital-physical hybrid doughnut shop raised money to launch through a creative-driven, community fundraising NFT project. All NFT holders are rewarded for their contribution and stake through ownership, money, product, access, and company rights, which is pretty cool and a good example of blockchain; DOA, NFT utilisation.

With blockchain, anyone can now become an investor in passion projects they dig. Will crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe die as we see independent NFT projects quickly become the new, more engaging way of giving/raising money? Thanks, Peter Madigan, for the heads up.

Each 'The Donut Shop' NFT comes with a bag of sweet treats, including:
- Company stake
- One year supply of doughnuts
- 3D Character to be utilised in the metaverse
- Ownership of DONUT DAO, meaning each holder will have the ability to earn royalties from the business
- NFT Holders will also have decision-making abilities within the business to help shape its future
- The Donut Shop royalty framework allows NFT holders to earn passively if they stake their NFT
- A stake in The Donut Shop digital land they're acquiring in leading metaverses to monetize and, in turn, directly benefit holders


'The Donut Shop' Project

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