Community Bank Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales and Profits

Community banks are essential to the health of our economy. They play a critical role in providing credit and financial services to local businesses and consumers and supporting the growth of small business. Community banks have many benefits that make them an attractive option for marketing strategy.

The 7 Marketing Programs Every Community Bank Marketing Strategies

1. Content Marketing

For years, banks have used various community bank marketing strategies to attract new customers. However, some banks are marketing content to attract and retain customers. Content marketing is creating and distributing informational content to attract and retain customers.

There are several benefits to using content marketing as part of your community bank marketing strategy. First, it can help build trust with your customers. hey're more likely to return for future updates when they know you're committed to providing quality information.

Second, content marketing can help you keep up with the latest trends in your industry. Being ahead of the curve shows your customers that you're dedicated to providing the best possible service.

2. Onboarding

When a community bank embarks on an onboarding program, it can reap several benefits. The program helps the bank connect with new customers and prospects, strengthens customer relationships, and builds trust. Additionally, the program can help increase business opportunities and increase customer base.

There are many reasons a community bank might want to embark on an onboarding program. Sometimes it’s because the bank wants to attract new customers who may be more likely to spend their money in the local economy.

Other times, it may be because the bank needs to replenish its customer base after a period of decline. In either case, an onboarding program can provide tangible benefits for the bank and its customers.

3. Cross-Selling/Marketing

Community banks are typically smaller and located in rural areas. They offer a wide range of products and services, making them one of the most diverse types of banks in the world.

One of the community bank's marketing strategies is cross-selling. The bank offers its customers additional products and services that may complement their current needs.

Cross-selling can be a powerful way for community banks to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Benefits include increased revenue, reduced customer acquisition costs (CACs), and increased market share.

Advantages of cross-selling include tapping into customer segments that are underserved by other banks, increased brand awareness, and better customer retention rates. Community banks can use cross-selling to give customers more value for their money.

4. Community Engagement

Community engagement has become one of the most important marketing strategies in the banking industry. There are several benefits to engaging with your community, including:

  1. Building relationships with customers and constituents is key to maintaining customer loyalty and retaining them as customers. Community engagement can help you do this by providing valuable information, connecting you with local events, and supporting your cause.
  2. It can also generate new business opportunities. By working with local businesses, you can develop new marketing partnerships and create synergy between your bank and local businesses. This can lead to increased lending activity and growth for both parties.
  3. Engaging with the community can also improve public perception of banks. Studies have shown that when banks are seen as supportive of their communities, it builds trust and leads to more favourable opinions about the institution.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an excellent way for community banks to interact with their customers and build relationships. Social media platforms offer a wealth of benefits, including the ability to reach a large audience quickly and easily, as well as the potential to create powerful connections with potential customers.

Some of the most common reasons community banks use social media marketing include the following:

  1. Building brand awareness: When customers see their bank’s name across social media platforms, it can help them better understand the bank’s offerings and connect with the bank on a personal level.
  2. Generating leads and increasing sales: By engaging with customers on social media, community banks can encourage them to take action – like signing up for email newsletters or making a purchase – and generate more revenue for the bank.

6. Offboarding

In recent years, there has been a growing trend among community banks to focus on offboarding customers. Offboarding is transitioning a customer from the bank’s primary relationship (i.e., account holder) to a new relationship, such as with a loan officer or mortgage specialist. This can be done to improve customer service and retention rates.

One of the critical benefits of offboarding is that it can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, it can improve overall business operations by reducing the number of misunderstandings or disputes between customers and bank employees.

Finally, offboarding can lead to increased revenue by selling products and services to new customers.

7. Referrals

A referral is one of the most powerful marketing tools a community bank can use. Referred clients tend to be more loyal and are more likely to come back for future services.

Benefits of referring clients include:

  • Increased business
  • Positive word-of-mouth referrals
  • The development of new relationships with important customers

There are many reasons why a community bank should refer customers. For example, referred clients are more likely to make repeat purchases from the bank, which can lead to increased revenue and profits. Additionally, referring new customers can create loyalty among current customers and attract new ones who may be interested in banking services offered by the community bank.

Referral programs can be both beneficial and lucrative for a community bank. Referrals generate additional business and encourage people to recommend the bank to their friends and family.


In conclusion, community banks should focus on creating a positive image in the community and targeting specific demographics. This will help them to attract new customers and retain current ones.

Additionally, community banks should use marketing strategies that emphasise their unique selling points and target their specific market.


How do community banks differ from other banks?

A community bank lends within the neighbourhood where its depositors live and work instead of taking deposits from one state and lending elsewhere.

Are there seven marketing strategies?

Products, prices, promotions, places, packaging, positioning, and people comprise these seven elements. The seven Ps must be revisited continuously to ensure you're on track and achieving the maximum results in today's marketplace. Products, markets, customers, and needs change rapidly.

What are the methods banks use to find new customers?

When potential customers are searching for a financial institution, PPC, content marketing, and drip email campaigns are all effective ways to stay on their minds.

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