Improve Your Marketing Approach With Our Youth Marketing Agency In Kensington

Youth marketing is met with many risks.. Using distinct communication techniques that appeal to the youth and creating campaigns that tackle ongoing challenges can be difficult. Just because younger people are different from any other consumers, whether it's in terms of appearance, language, focus, or experience.

And when you feel like you're starting from scratch, where do you even start?

Actually, you don't need to fully re-do your marketing strategy. Although marketing to the youth audience can be challenging, it is not the same as sending scouts to another planet.

You just need to alter your current marketing efforts. Draw them with uniqueness and creativity by hiring experts like NERDS Collective to get the job done!

Familiarise Yourself With Youth Marketing

Marketing and advertising initiatives targeted at young people between 11 and 32 are known as youth marketing.

Particularly young people make valued customers since businesses view them as the consumer group that influences the spending habits of their relatives and friends.

In addition to being customers, they have power over decisions like the family's vehicle, the trip they take, and the attire of their friends.

Recently, businesses have turned to digital marketing channels due to the rise in social media usage, particularly among young people. Young people who actively use social media anticipate getting updates from their brand accounts, interacting with others, and having fun.

Here’s Why Traditional Marketing Won’t Work

Try the following experiment if you still think spending hundreds of thousands of rands on billboard advertising is effective.

Load some teenagers and their friends into the car and keep quiet the next time you have to transport them to a rugby, soccer, or netball match on the other side of town. Simply watch how they drive and note how many billboards and other forms of advertising you see on the way there.

The truth is that young people don't notice traditional advertising unless it's done creatively, which rarely happens. Today’s youth have highly sophisticated filtering techniques and shorter, sharper, and different attention spans than when we were growing up.

Youth Marketing Agency Kensington

This is why today's marketers must step up their game, especially when targeting the youth because old-school tactics won't bring brands anywhere in the future.

Effective Ways To Get Them Fall Inlove With Your Brand

As we've learned, traditional marketing won't appeal to the youth. Therefore, what steps can you take to make it work?

Marketing to the youth can be tricky sometimes. This is because they are smart enough to fall into your gimmicks and have high expectations when choosing a brand.

However, here are some of the marketing strategies that you can use as a step in getting closer to the youth's heart.

Intelligent Marketing

Trying to keep information from your millennial customers hidden is not worth your effort. They are the most technologically advanced generation in history, and they are adept at conducting any necessary research.

Millennials will find your items if you provide a lot of information about their quality, create resources showing real people using and appreciating them, and include genuine feedback from long-term users.

Likewise, they'll look for unfavourable reviews and unsettling corporate history, so be mindful of what's available. If a client inquires about a previous occurrence, be ready to respond.

Get On Tiktok

This generation doesn't back away from the truth, whether it's good or bad news. They might have loved a product or hated a promotion, but you can count on them to tell you!

And what is the best method for learning what they are thinking? TikTok.

This generation prefers to communicate and keep it casual on this wildly popular social media platform, so make sure you a) have an account and b) engage with your young customers.

Make Use Of GIFs

The younger generation is very picky and has a short attention span. But once they discover something worthwhile and fascinating, they become focused on it and dedicate themselves to it.

GIFs have become more popular since they are quick and entertaining while also allowing the recipient to understand what the other person is saying in a matter of seconds. After being used by websites like Buzzfeed, it is now immensely popular. They are often brief and a great method to engage the youth audience quickly.

Use the Same Language

Marketing Agency

Consider how your intended audience perceives it, reacts to it, and applies it. Avoid using terminology you wouldn't use with adults when marketing to children.

You can also use terminology that appeals to them, like slang.

Simply Online Purchases

The Internet and smartphones are very popular with this generation. Online shopping allows consumers to save money on expensive fuel, especially for Millennials who live in cities and may not even own cars.

At the very least, consider enabling online ordering and in-store pickup at your physical site. Many Millennials juggle multiple jobs while running errands to make ends meet, and they have limited time.

Allow The Best Youth Marketing Agency In Kensington To Help

Now that we've understood the significance of advertising to the youth and the things you can do to step up your marketing approach–I would like to believe that you’re eager to begin your journey with us!

Before you start, remember that all brands are unique, which means that there's no size-fits-all strategy that works for all.

The good thing here at NERDS Collective is that when we work with our clients, we take time to understand their needs and how we can create a custom-tailored campaign that appeals to the youth and, at the same time, works effectively for the company.

Still in doubt? Why not read our case studies and witness how we successfully helped our clients break through the digital world?


Simply communicating a brand or product message is no longer effective. Your marketing and advertising campaigns must now add value. We're all vying to understand and appeal to this new breed of empowered young customers, and purpose-driven advertising blends into their life.

Instead of capturing your customer's attention for a little time during their incredibly hectic and cluttered day, you must figure out how to become a valuable part of their daily routine to gain their attention.

And instead of harming your reputation by trying things that don't work, hire a youth marketing agency like NERDS Collective because we know what works best!


How do I find the best Youth Marketing Agency in Kensington?

Find an agency specialising in youth and cultural intelligence and emphasising strategy, insights, and innovation. It must assist brands in moving closer to adopting a stance that is in line with customers.

A good youth marketing company should have the following characteristics:

  • A sales strategy that targets the youth
  • Hiring ambassadors and content producers that would enable cultural material
  • Brand interactions that spark genuine interest among youth
  • Hyper-smart, multichannel storytelling that creates new trends

For the best youth marketing agency in Kensington that knows how to create effective campaigns, look no further than NERDS Collective!

What is the typical cost of hiring a Youth Marketing Agency in Kensington?

Digital marketing service agreements cost between $5,000 and $10,000 per month, and digital marketing strategy projects typically cost between $8,000 and $30,000.

However, remember that every business is unique, and so are costs. So, why not give us a call and let's discuss your project and the cost?

What is the best approach for youth marketing?

There's no such thing as the "best" way in youth marketing. It all depends on the type of your business and the kind of audience you're targeting.

But, with our years of experience, we have noticed that the abovementioned strategies work most–so feel free to use them and adjust them until you find the right strategy for you that works!

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